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What You Need To Know About Cupping Therapy

what you need to know about cupping

When Michael Phelps prepared to dive into the pool this past summer at the Olympics, millions of spectators were stunned by the rows of large purplish circles that adorned his back. In an instant the ancient modality of cupping resurfaced on a global stage. The record breaking olympic gold medalist practices cupping therapy to heal and support his muscles, joints and immune system which are pushed to the limits all year long by his intense training and then days of competition during the games.

Save Michael Phelps, I knew nothing about cupping and wanted to learn more. I sought a master practitioner in New York City and was introduced to Anton Lee, a third generation licensed acupuncturist with extensive cupping training. Acupuncture is an integral part of cupping. Anton educated me on the basics.

What Is Cupping?

Born of a culture that considered surgery, the act of cutting the body, an affront to their ancestors, (I found this particularly interesting as Judaism forbids the practice of tattoo and most piercings precisely for this reason) until the introduction of antibiotics, cupping was the principal modality of healing not only muscular pain in the body but ailment of major internal organs as well. In fact, prior to the introduction of antibiotics boils were the leading cause of death. Cupping was partly developed as a method for removing the toxic fluids that were contained within the boil. With the introduction of antibiotics cupping began to fall by the wayside where it would become classified, at least in western medicine, as an alternative therapy.

Dispelling Myths

You will read almost everywhere that the practice originated in China. Not true! Anton insisted. It has been practiced all over the world for a few thousands years throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Cups were made out of whatever natural resources were available in the region. In the middle east, cups were made of goat horns, while in China they were fashioned from Bamboo. The modern day versions are made of glass and silicone.

What Does This Have To Do With An Olympic Athlete?

Every time we move energy is created which makes blood and fluids circulate through the body. This in and of itself is a good thing. But like anything, too much of a good thing can turn bad. When muscles and tissue are over exerted, it creates a trauma. When there is a trauma to the body, typically blood and fluid flow to the affected area in an effort to repair it. If The body is functioning healthfully, it is extremely efficient and directs energy, blood and fluid to where it is needed to support and heal the area. When this excess fluid is not completely absorbed by the body it can get deposited onto the muscle. This fluid bonds like glue to the muscle and creates a blockage. This can be in the form of a knot that you might get in your neck, or back. This causes pain and is toxic to the body. Just as the person loses his or her typical range of movement, this blockage is stuck. If you’re not an olympic athlete, you may be be susceptible to extreme weather, which can also cause trauma to the body. When it’s cold we condense our bodies physically and this energy creates stagnation. This stagnation is perceived by us as pain.

How Can We Break Up The Blockage?

cupping therapy

By hand. A needle is inserted at the point of pain (Acupuncture is an integral part of cupping) to create the movement of energy, fluid and blood, within the tissue – to break up the proverbial “glue”, then a cup is put over and suction is applied to draw it out into the skin. The skin is not only the largest organ of the body, but the largest filtration organ of the body. Just like the liver filters blood, the lungs filter air and the stomach filters food, similarly the skin filters excess fluid. Skin contains millions of micro vessels – this is why, when we get cut, we heal so quickly. Using the skin’s filtration system the body disposes of what it does not need and recycles what it can use.

The Basics

The more toxic your body is the darker the cup marks will be. In general men tend to present with darker marks as women’s bodies are cleaner due to the menstrual cycle which circulates and cleans out blood and tissue from the body regularly.

My Mini Consultation

Anton is the real deal. Towards the end of our almost two hour meeting, Anton turned to me and asked if he could take my pulse. He told me that I am a worrier. Worry and stress cause the digestive system to slow down. The stomach is considered the mother organ as it filters food that is then distributed to the other organs of the body in order to nourish them. The odd thing is that I have colitis. It turns out that cupping can be used as part of a regimen to heal colitis and other digestive ailments. He also told me to keep an eye on my posture as bad posture wreaks havoc on the body – yes, causing trauma. The odd thing is, as soon as I walked into Anton’s office, I became acutely aware of my posture. It almost felt as if he was communicating telepathically to me nudging me to sit up straight.

Just Scratching The Surface

Cupping is a practice that is tailored specifically for each individual depending on his or her needs and there are many more tools involved in the modality that I did not delve into here. Above I have merely scratched the cupping surface. To schedule a consultation or appointment with Anton, please call Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté at 212-588-1771.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

Take Your Beauty Regimen To The Next Level With Biafine

biafine beauty regimen support skin health

Biafine, otherwise known as Trolamine, is one of the most basic staples that can be found in any French, German or Israeli pharmacy. Yasmine Djerradine, skin care authority and Travel Beauty expert recommended it to me to help prevent scarring when I had surgery 16 years ago. It is a multi-tasking wonder ointment that soothes redness, irritation, inflammation and sunburns.

In Europe Biafine is mostly used to prevent and soothe diaper rash in infants, but this topical wonder offers so much more. Over the years I have incorporated Biafine into my daily regimen.

Cure for Chapped Lips

I have excruciatingly dry lips. My husband often scolds me for biting them. The truth is I don’t, my lips are just so chapped that it appears as though I do. The Fall is the worst, as the cold, dry air starts to creep in pulling a double shift. I layer Biafine under my lip gloss or lipstick for an extra boost of moisture. It coats, smoothes and soothes lips sealing in a barrier between the lips and the outside world. In my experience products like Eucerin, Vaseline and Blistex seem to suck the moisture right out of my lips.

Apply Biafine before bed too. Skin repairs itself overnight when we are sleeping; the same is true for the skin on our lips. Biafine gives your lips the extra lift they need.

Body Care

Body oil is my body care product of choice, especially in colder months. Right now I’m using Mio Skincare The Activist Firming Active Body Oil. It’s rich and smells divine (and I am not a fan of scents.) Even if you apply body oil to damp skin, mixing body oil with a creamy agent helps it to penetrate the skin more deeply and dilute the oily texture of many rich body oils. Biafine comes in handy as I am usually in a rush and don’t have time to wait for body oil to dry before pulling on a pair of trousers or jeans. Biafine cuts just enough of the oily texture without being too creamy and because it’s scent free, it won’t interfere with the scent of your favorite body oil.

Soothing Rosacea

I am not a dermatologist, doctor or skin care expert by way of formal education and there is currently no cure for rosacea. That said, in many cases, Biafine has been able to help lessen the symptoms of this skin condition. Though food intake and stress are some of the factors that contribute to rosacea, the bottom line is that it causes red, reactive and in some cases inflamed skin. While using gentle skin care for sensitive, reactive skin, like Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 or Sapelo Skin Care Rejuvenating Cream, that soothe and cool is essential, layering a thin layer of Biafine under these types of moisturizers adds an extra cool and calming layer of care that, much like in the case of chapped lips, provides a buffer between irritated skin and your moisturizer. On more severe days when skin is particularly reactive, Biafine can be used alone. Please note that everyone is different so before applying Biafine on your entire face, conduct a small patch test.

After Dermatological Peels and Treatments

Though I am not a proponent of chemical peels (many are purported to cause harmful chemicals to seep into the bloodstream and dehydrate skin, stripping it of many essential nutrients) many people swear them. Biafine aids in soothing the dry, seemingly sunburned shape that you will find your skin in immediately following these treatments.

Biafine to Treat Radio Dermatitis

Biafine is often prescribed to cancer patients or others receiving radiation treatment. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of Biafine help bring down the inflammation and treat burned and painful irritation that can be caused by these treatments.

Biafine to Treat Cuts and Sunburn

Biafine can also be used as a wound dressing to heal minor cuts. It provides moisture to aid the skin in the healing process while protecting it from bacterial contamination. Biafine can also be applied directly to sunburns to soothe and lessen inflammation. As opposed to aloe-based sunburn ointments and gels, Biafine seeps into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a wet gelatinous texture sitting on the surface of the skin.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

Top 10 Tips For Great Hair

Top 10 Tips For Great Hair

“But you don’t know MY hair!” many of you are saying right now as you read that headline. You’re right, we don’t know your hair. But whether it’s long or short, curly or straight or in between, dry or oily, color-treated or natural, there are certain principles that apply to everyone (everyone, who has hair, that is). Here are our top 10 universal guidelines for helping your locks look their best.

Let It Be

That is, let your hair be itself, let it live as it wants to live. Embrace your natural texture, growth patterns, and color. You can beat your mane into submission with heat, chemicals and brute strength, and you may get the look you’re aiming for. Hair strands can be shaped, to an extent. But if the manipulation is too severe, over time you’ll create damage and your tresses will eventually rebel. Accepting what you have is freeing, encourages you to work with your best features, and will result in healthier, better looking hair.

Shampoo Less Often

No more than twice per week, once a week if you can do it. Simply rinse your hair and scalp when you shower. You can always condition, just don’t use shampoo every time.

Add Moisture

Conditioners and treatments give moisture back, which is critical for healthy hair. Think of your fingernails and cuticles. In the winter you may apply lotion or oil to your fingernails several times a day because you can readily see the dryness. Hair strands have a cuticle also. Dryness leads to cracked cuticles which leads to frizziness and breakage. Caretrico Privy Treatment Slim Though is a deep conditioning treatment that can be used as a hair mask twice per week as well as a daily conditioner. Ideal for thick, course and/or curly hair. Caretrico Privy Treatment Moist Sleek  is a moisturizing treatment for those with finer or wavy hair.

Deep Condition With a Professional

Good salons have thorough conditioning treatments that include several steps using rebuilding products and heat and/or mist processes that help deliver the products into the hair. Do a bit of research in your area to find the salons with the best recommendations. Doing this on a regular basis will make a big difference in your hair. At Salon Ishi we have a number of deep conditioning treatments including our exclusive Sherpa Treatment.

Use Protection

On your hair, we mean. After shampooing and conditioning, or anytime you style, give your hair some protection from the strong heat of your styling tools and from dehydrating environmental elements by using products specifically designed to give your hair a bit of armor for defense. Caretrico After Treatment Enrich Milk is a leave in conditioner and styling treatment that not only infuses the hair with moisture but protects it from pollution, the elements and heat damage from styling tools.

Take Care Of Your Scalp

Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. Keep your scalp clean. If you have a problem with dryness, oiliness or fungus, treat it. While you may need to see a dermatologist, there are steps you can take on your own. S-Heart-S Scalp Brush Mini is a great tool for massaging and cleaning the scalp, removing dry flaky skin and product buildup from the scalp and hair cuticle. For a flaky or oily scalp, you may also want to try a scalp toner.  The skin on your head requires care too.

Get Your Hair Cut Regularly

There is no “treatment” that will fix split ends. They will keep on splitting, higher and higher. Weak ends result in breakage and unhealthy looking hair. Regular cuts get rid of weak ends and give a fresh appearance.

Take Your Vitamins

Yes, they help. Hair and nails are made of protein and a healthy diet that includes vitamins created to promote the growth of hair and nails is helpful. Vitamin A, Omega 3s and B-complex vitamins like folic acid and biotin all promote cell turnover.

Have a Personal Consultation With Your Hair Care Professional

Okay, we agree, your hair is special. Therefore, talk with your hairdresser to get personalized recommendations for products, treatments, regimens, schedules, and processes that will help you have the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible

Use Color and Chemical Treatments Sparingly, and Have It Done Professionally

Sometimes we just gotta have that color, cover that gray, or get those curls. If that’s you, go to a reputable salon and work with a professional who knows how to use the products while maintaining the integrity of your hair. It is undeniably more expensive than doing it yourself. But your hair will be much healthier in the hands of a professional and you’ll end up with much better looking hair.

The good news is that with a little effort you CAN have healthier, better looking hair. Here’s to you and your best hair!

Up Your Beauty Game For Fall

Up Your Fall Beauty Game

We’ve received loads of questions about the products that we are giving away in our Fall Cult Beauty Haul and so – we’ve taken an uber deep dive into what you’ll find inside. WARNING! YOU ASKED FOR IT! It’s actually a wonderful introduction to some of the best beauty brands from around the globe. Enter now, while you still can. Sweepstakes end October 9th!

Products can’t shoulder all the work by themselves. Setting time aside to develop a regular skin, body and hair care regimen is paramount. Even if it’s simple and quick – a little goes a long way. To get you excited about upping your Fall beauty game, I have teamed up with some of my favorite, skin, body and hair care lines to present you with a mega, best of the best, beauty overhaul worth $2000. From cleansers, serums, moisturizers and masks to multi-taskers, we’ve got something for everyone. To address every skin, body and hair concern, we’ve thrown in the works…and then some.

Haven’t signed up yet? Here’s what you’ll be missing:

From France: Cosmetics 27

One of my favorite skin care lines. An all natural apothecary style regimen tailor-made for your skin. The idea is to mix the products together to produce a formula that is right for your skin today. The change in season, weather, pollution, stress levels and even physiological factors can alter the behavior of skin. Cosmetics 27 utilizes the Ayurvedic properties of Centella Asiatica to boost the skin’s ability to regenerate and heal itself. A life saver for those of us with sensitive and/or dry or mature skin.

  • Baume 27: Simply put – the bomb! A rich moisturizer packed with anti-aging skin healing nutrients. Can be used on the most sensitive and reactive skin, including those with rosacea.
  • Cleanser 27: Is your skin dry, sensitive or mature? (I’m yes to all three.) Then this cleansing balm is for you. It turns into a milky emulsion upon contact with water. This multi-tasker cleanses, removes makeup, exfoliates and supports the hydrolipidic film, the skin’s protective barrier. One of the only cleansers that doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry.
  • Essence 27: An ultra-fine moisturizing, anti-aging emulsion. If you don’t typically use a serum, this is an excellent entrée into the genre. I mix it with Baume 27 to cut the rich texture of the cream during the summer.Baume cleanser Essence huile

From The UK: Mio Skincare

Mio Skincare made me into a body care convert. Mio is a body firming, toning and tightening line that actually works and feels and smells so good you’ll be excited to use it. It is all natural and works best in conjunction with exercise and healthful eating (back to our holistic approach).

  • Get Waisted Sculpted Body Shaper: This stuff really works! Contains caffeine to jolt your skin to attention and tighten problem areas like the tummy and love handles. One of my customers reported “I’ve lost eight lbs all around the waist, belly and inner thighs! This works great!” I’m not sure we’ll all see results like this, but you get the picture.
  • The A-Cream Firming Active Body Cream is the the Mr. T. of body creams. Armed with moisturizing omegas, powerful antioxidants and vitamins, it boosts skin’s elasticity, fights the damaging effects of sun, pollutants and free radicals. Fantastic for aprés sun as well.
  • Workout Wonderball is your personal massage therapist. Cools and revitalizes muscles, increasing circulation and eases aches and inflammation to speed up muscle recovery with arnica, magnesium, horse chestnut and fresh spearmint. Coupled with a messaging rollerball applicator, this is your ultimate gym companion.
  • BooB Tube + Multi Action Bust Firmer: Hyaluronic acid, omegas and CoQ10 boost skin’s elasticity and builds firmer better breasts without going under the knife. Slather it down the neck, décolleté and bust, towards the heart, in the direction of lymphatic drainage. Instantly tightens skin and promotes circulation.
  • Liquid Yoga Space Spray & Liquid Yoga Bath Soak: Scare away stress from the air and water with this dynamic duo. In truth all of Mio Skincare’s products contain an element of aromatherapy, but these two are the real deal.

From France: Institut Esthederm

6007 EAU MICELLAIRE DÉMAQUILLANTE copieInspired by life. Designed to preserve the beauty of the skin, this cult french line uses cutting edge science and technology to innovate skin care.

From The Good Old US of A: Brenda Christian

Hollywood’s best kept secret! Brenda has created some of the world’s leading cosmetic, skin care and brow and lash treatments used by top Hollywood makeup artists.

  • High Definition Perfect Brow Kit: Contains the one-color-fits-all Universal Brow Definer that dynamically color adjusts to the pH of your eyebrow hair follicle, and Perfect Brow Gel (the original brow gel). Great for holding all texture brows in place, including my crazy curly ones, as well as for the browless. When used in conjunction with the Universal Brow Definer, Perfect Brow Gel creates the look of real brows by lending texture to the brow. Eye Pencil Sharpener also included. Remember, your brows frame your face and are one of the most important facial fixtures.
  • Mineral Hydrating Mist: Basically, food for your skin. Great for use as a toner and to set makeup after application.

From The UK: Heaven Skincare By Deborah Mitchell®

Used by royalty & celebrities, an all-natural organic range formulated for skin and body that offers the potent power of nature in conjunction with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology.

  • Silver Bee Venom Mask: Otherwise known as Bee-tox, organic bee venom stimulates skin to produce collagen and elastin. The result? A temporary paralyzing of the muscles beneath the dermis, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. I apply it over moisturizer and wear it all day long. Manuka honey also soothes reactive skin and helps clear up blemishes. Also helps prolong the effectiveness of injectables.
  • EllaJane Wipes: Exfoliates, cleanses, tones and keeps blemishes at bay with apple pectin, honey and peppermint oil. Great for use in the evening when I’m so tired, I just want to jump in bed without washing up.
  • Black Age Defiance: Victoria Beckham’s anti-aging moisturizer of choice formulated for sensitive, dry skin that tends to experience hormonal breakouts.
  • New Edition Cleansing Cream: The first cleanser and makeup remover all in one to contain bee venom (bee-tox). This is another cleanser I can use that doesn’t over dry my skin. It’s also naturally anti-aging.

From The UK: Philip Kingsley

Formulated by the world’s foremost hair and scalp expert, Philip Kingsley, this line of hair care has been formulated to work. Period. Used by royalty, celebrities and politicians, these products are designed with specific hair and scalp issues in mind.

  • Body Building Shampoo: Adds body, moisturizes and detangles fine hair lending it volume and leaving it lustrous.
  • Moisture Balancing Conditioner: Provides essential hydration and protection to processed hair without weighing it down.
  • Elasticizer: One of my favorite hair heroes of all time! Formulated expressly for Audrey Hepburn, this intensive moisturizing pre-shampoo treatment (hair mask) delivers elasticity, bounce and shine for everyone from fine to thick curly hair – Elasticizer is nothing short of a miracle worker.
  • Maximizer: The definitive styling spray for fine, limp hair. Contains protein and conditioning agents to keep hair looking shiny and voluminous while providing superb control.

From France: Bioderma

The cult French Pharmacie brand that formulated the world famous Sensibio H20 Micellar Water – the cleanser, toner and makeup remover all in one. This line of skin care is specifically geared towards sensitive skin and includes, Sensibio Eye, Sensibio Light, Sensibio Mask and Atoderm PP Baume Ultra-nourishing Balm. All ultra nourishing products, gentle enough for those in their teens and 20s, yet effective enough for those with more mature skin.

From Israel: Lavido

A natural skin and body care line made with the best raw, plant-based ingredients and purified waters from the Sea of Galilee.

Inspired by Nature Head to Toe Collection: A luxurious anthology of plant-based skin and body care infused with the ancient healing powers of the Sea of Galilee includes:lavido-inspired-by-nature-head-to-toe-collection-not-cropped

  • Alert Eye Cream: One of my favorite eye creams of all time. Contains hyaluronic acid for instant tightening action. Is creamy and moisturizing but light enough to apply under eye highlighter immediately after.
  • Aromatic Body Lotion: If you are a fan of lavender, this is the body cream for you. Leaves skin incredibly soft with organic, distilled bulgarian lavender and organic, cold-pressed shea butter and avocado.
  • Gentle Exfoliator Peeling Cream: This is the only facial scrubs I can use. I have sensitive, dry skin and facial scrubs typically send my skin into overdrive, producing sebum as a result of over drying. This is a great way to slough away dead cells and buildup without throwing your skin into a tizzy.
  • Hydrating Facial Toner: Removes makeup and tightens pores. Can be used as a men’s after shave tonic to soothe and repair sensitive post-shave skin. Gentle enough for teens and young adults in their 20s.
  • Invigorating Facial Serum:  An anti-aging face oil that nourishes, repairs and protects skin with fatty acids (good fat!), minerals and vitamins from organic, cold-pressed evening primrose seed and almond oil. Great as a lip balm too.
  • Nurturing Hand Cream: Nothing is a greater telltale sign of age than the back of the hands. This is one of the only hand creams I’ve come across that contains hyaluronic acid which is an essential ingredient in anti-aging skin care. A must.
  • Thera-Intensive Body Cream: A blend of aromatherapeutic, organic distilled tea tree and lavender oils, as well as cold-pressed black cumin seed oil. Highly nourishing, relieves dry, irritated skin and redness, protects against environmental factors, restores skin’s natural moisture balance. Love this one!

Sound good? We are giving it all away! ENTER TO WIN.

Have questions about these products? Email us at or call 888-717-8790.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

products in fall beauty Giveaway

Tales Of Anti-aging Eye Treatments And Creams

tales of anti-aging eye treatments and cream

The area underneath my eyes had been bothering me for a while as with the march of time, it was starting to look a bit hollow. I had done some research and knew that injecting fillers in the tear troughs could improve the look of the area, but for me, putting a syringe close to my eyes was a scary proposition! Still, I had seen good results with fillers on a friend or two and was considering the option. Then, I looked into laser treatments and in the process learned that they could also brighten the under-eye area in more ways than one.

Veins Glorious Veins!

While I was contemplating the idea of fillers, I went to see Dr. Roy Geronemus to eliminate some broken capillaries on my cheeks. He pointed out the visible blue veins underneath my eyes and said that he could remove those with a laser too. Ditto for the larger veins around my temples. I had noticed those blood vessels but they never bothered me much as I thought they were pretty common. Well, of course, after they were brought to my attention, that’s all I could see when I looked into the mirror. But still, I held off. Would removing these veins affect the blood flow to the eyes? Even though Dr. Geronemus and two other dermatologists assured me it would have no detrimental effect on circulation, it took me a few months to screw up the courage to submit to a laser.

The Treatment Was Not Entirely Painless, But It Was Quick

A pair of metal ocular shields were placed directly on my eyeballs to shield them from the Excel V laser. This was not something I expected and after they were plucked off at the end of the procedure, my eyes felt raw and sensitive. If you wear contact lenses, I highly recommend that you leave them at home and just wear your glasses for this treatment. As for pain, underneath my eyes, there was just a stinging sensation at the point of contact with the laser.

The elimination of the larger veins on my temples was more painful however. No topical anesthetic was applied as this constricts the vessels, making it more difficult to treat. All in all, the procedure lasted a brief 10 to 15 minutes. Costs range between $450 – $750 depending on the extent of the treatment. Afterwards, the under-eye area was a bit red and swollen for a couple of days, as expected. A small scab had formed which worried me somewhat as Dr. Geronemus cautioned that there is a very small risk of scarring. But, this too went away without a trace in a few days, helped by the application of Aquaphor. The blue veins had disappeared almost immediately and I was pleased with the fast results. A follow up visit may be necessary depending on the number and size of veins.

A Return Visit to Dr. Geronemus

In my case, a couple of visible blood vessels remained so a month later, I returned for a second visit. An unexpected and very pleasing side effect was that, by the time of my second treatment, the skin underneath my eyes looked smoother, thicker and thus lighter. Dr. Geronemus confirmed that this is not an uncommon side effect because when thermal energy is delivered into the dermis, as it is with lasers, you get neocollagenesis or the formation of new collagen. Should new veins pop up underneath my eyes, I will certainly have them treated with a laser if only for the collagen-boosting results!

Next Up Were Fillers

I had decided to take the plunge, pleased as I was with the results of the laser treatment. The fillers typically used in the under-eye area are hyaluronic acids such as Restylane, Juvederm and Belotero.

Made of a natural sugar that’s in your skin, hyaluronic acids give a soft correction to facial hollows.

Effects last approximately six months after the first treatment, but can last even longer after subsequent treatments. I opted for Belotero as the skin under the eyes is thin and Belotero is the thinnest of the hyaluronic fillers. Costs range between $700 – $850 depending on the product used.

The hollow grooves located on top of the orbital bone are referred to as the tear troughs because tears roll down this track. Although there are no dermal fillers that are FDA-approved for the tear trough, fillers are used off-label in this area.

Injecting The Eye Area Is Not Without Risks

Too much filler results in lumpiness. And if the filler blocks a retinal artery, it can cause blindness. Dr. David Orentreich is the experienced dermatologist I turned to for this procedure. After the area was numbed with a topical analgesic cream containing Lidocaine, he injected a small amount of Belotero in the tear trough, patting it down as he went along. I had a bit of swelling and redness (but no bruising) afterwards which lasted for a day or two. A week later, Dr. Orentreich manually smoothed out some residual unevenness. Injecting the under-eye area with filler has not only reduced the hollowness, but it has also plumped up some of the wrinkles, reducing the existing crepiness.

Anti-aging-eye-creamsThe Results

As a result of the laser treatments and fillers, the skin underneath my eyes looks lighter, brighter and smoother and I will not hesitate to repeat these procedures as the need arises. Not ready or willing to take lasers or needles to your under-eye area? The beauty experts at NYSD Beauty recommend these anti-aging eye creams and mask:

Lavido Alert Eye Cream is an all-natural under-eye cream from Israel that combines plant-based hyaluronic acid, cold pressed avocado oil, organic pomegranate seed oil and citrus extracts with the volcanic thermal springs from the sea of Galilee to brighten and moisturize the skin around the eye area. Clinically proven to increase skin’s elasticity and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

If you need a real jolt, try Institut Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches. These five-minute wonders contain caffeine and tighten and lift the skin under the eye area as well as smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This is Travel Beauty’s founder, Alyssa Weiss’, favorite eye product. She says your face will immediately brighten up and look younger. She loves the patches for travel, before important meetings and prior to attending gala events. To be used 3 x per week.

The light formula of Sapelo Restoring Eye Cream absorbs right into the skin, boosting collagen production with a blend of powerful peptides, reducing dark circles with botanical burdock and strengthening capillaries with a cocktail of antioxidants.

Expert Tip: Alyssa advises that “when it comes to eye creams, don’t be afraid to get in there and massage the cream into the under-eye area. Also remember to sweep up and around to the crow’s feet area — and get in there too!”

By: Delia von Neuschatz for New York Social Diary.

For more beauty tips and information, follow Delia on Instagram: @chasingbeautywithdvn