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Monthly Archives : October 2015

An Interview with W.E.L.L. Summit Founder Gianne Doherty

well summit 2015

Over the years, I’ve attended forums, seminars, conferences, conventions and various and sundry other retreat-type events. They can be enlightening and enjoyable—even profoundly so. I have yet to attend a summit, however, and maybe there’s a reason why. The term summit holds a certain weight; it connotes a gathering of the highest level of experts and leaders in a given field. In short, a summit is serious business. This branding speaks to the intentions with which next month’s W.E.L.L. Summit, “a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health” was created.

The Who and Why of the W.E.L.L. Summit

Summit or no, these intentions do not include dissuading wellness white belts from attending the W.E.L.L. Summit. Quite the contrary, this is a weekend-long event designed for all wellness-minded people, no matter where they are on their personal wellness journey. W.E.L.L. Summit Founder Gianne Doherty declares “The W.E.L.L. Summit [is] geared towards people who are passionate about wellness—those new to the field and those who are seasoned professionals.”

The W.E.L.L. Summit is designed to be an enlightening event for those seeking wellness in its many forms (clean eating, green beauty, fitness, holistic self-care…) and anyone who is passionate about living well. Whether wellness is your profession or your passion, the W.E.L.L. Summit is designed to be a place of education, exploration and inspiration for you.

This wellness retreat reboot was created by a trio of healthy beauty mavens, Gianne Doherty Co-Founder of Organic Bath Co., Amy Flyntz, Founder of Amy Flyntz Copywriting, LLC and Mia Bell, Founder of MIA BELL Natural Beauty Brokers. After repeatedly being asked wellness-related questions by customers, friends and family that were a bit outside of their respective specialties (“Why do you only use natural deodorants and which do you recommend?”, “Why is an organic mattress important?” and even “Where can I buy essential oils?”), Gianne recognized the need for an opportunity to bring the best of all facets of the wellness community together for a weekend of empowerment and learning—to “connect all the dots”.

The What to Expect From This One of a Kind Event?

True to its summit format, the W.E.L.L. Summit will feature large panel discussions led by leaders in the wellness industry, such as Keynote Speaker, Latham Thomas of Mama Glow. These experts will share their deep knowledge and expertise to inspire attendees to make simple life changes that can improve wellness and allow them to achieve their best standard of health.

The bulk of the two days will be comprised of interactive and educational breakout sessions, also led by an impressive roster of wellness experts. Attendees will have intimate access to these wellness industry pioneers through these exclusive breakout sessions. Are you intrigued by the myriad benefits of bone broth? Want to make soap with Meow Meow Tweet founder Tara Pelletier? Wondering how to make more ethical & conscious clothing choices? You can explore these subjects and more during the Summit’s breakout sessions.

“Instead of hundreds of people, these breakout sessions will be capped at 30 people. They will be as interactive as possible, with no selling from speakers and plenty of time for questions and answers.” says Gianne. Imagine: Hearing about the latest wellness trends from the trendsetters themselves. Asking all those health & wellness questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Collecting all the insider tips you need to make the very best beauty, food and fitness choices. But wait, there’s more! The Summit includes all meals—from the welcome lunch on Friday to the farewell brunch on Sunday. There will be a morning movement classes, a Recharge Lounge featuring healthy snacks and Numi Teas and, of course, a gift bag filled with wellness and healthy beauty favorites from Jacq’s Organics, 21 Drops, Lotus Wei, Splurge Skincare and more.

What I’m Excited About

Offsite Fitness Breakout Session with Xtend Barre: I love finding new, interesting workouts. Infrared Yoga…Tracey Anderson Method…kickboxing…I’ve enjoyed them all. One of the Summit’s breakout sessions will include a visit to the nearby Xtend Barre studio for a 45 minute class. Xtend Barre combines elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. Attendees will learn an elegant, yet energetic, combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core. Count me in!

L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L.: Last Night. Interactive. Vendor. Extravaganza. Wellness. Education. Learning. Luxury. After a weekend of being empowered to make informed consumer decisions, I’ll be excited to exercise my newfound wisdom at the W.E.L.L. Summit’s finale, a celebration of health, wellness and knowledge…which will include SHOPPING. This extravaganza will feature vendors hand-picked by the W.E.L.L. Summit team, giving Summit attendees the opportunity to discover and shop like-minded health, wellness and beauty brands that share the W.E.L.L. Summit vision and ethos. I’ll be happy to spend my money supporting companies and individuals that care passionately about how they live, and help me live my healthiest life as well.

Sound like your cup of (organic, fair trade) tea? Better hop to it! Due to the customization of the W.E.L.L. Summit, ticket sales will close two weeks before the event, on Friday, October 23rd. Learn more at the W.E.L.L. Summit website.

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedures

liquid rhinoplasty benefits

Basically, anything non-surgical, or liquid is exploding in popularity in my office right now. The most popular of the popular is the liquid rhinoplasty. Liquid rhinoplasty is a procedure that uses Botox and facial filler injections to change the shape of the nose. At this time last year, I was performing about one liquid rhinoplasty per month. Now, it’s more like two or three per week!

In this liquid, non-surgical procedure, a combination of Botox and facial fillers are injected to achieve the desired result without a scalpel. In the right candidate, a liquid rhinoplasty can even out irregularities along the bridge of the nose, make the nose appear straighter, raise the nasal bridge, or camouflage a dorsal hump on the profile view. Although you are technically adding volume with filler, the end result is often a nose that appears smaller and more refined. The idea is to change the way light hits your nose, creating a kind of semi-permanent contour makeup on your nose. During a liquid procedure, ice is used to numb the skin, and small needles are used to inject filler and/or Botox.

Not all nose concerns are amenable to liquid, non-surgical, rhinoplasty, but if you’re among the lucky (or unlucky, depending upon how you look at it) for whom this procedure can work, you can skip the pain and recovery of surgery. Results are dramatic and instant, and so are the savings! As compared to surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty saves time, money, and pain. For most patients, there is essentially no downtime. The major downside is that the procedure is not permanent – depending on the filler selected, the results generally last from 1-2 years. Sounds like a good deal, no?

It is important to note, however, as we become more accepting of the idea of being poked and prodded with needles as a part of our routine beauty upkeep, that all of these injections, while effective, and amazing when done properly and subtly, are not without risk.

Vascular compromise leading to skin necrosis (actual death of skin because of decreased blood flow to the area) is the dreaded risk of non-surgical rhinoplasty. It can either occur from filler material actually getting into blood vessels, or from filler material pushing on blood vessels under the skin. While appropriate training and experience can help to minimize the risk of this occurring, the risk is never zero.

Studies have shown a rate of vascular compromise after filler injection of approximately 0.05% even in the hands of highly trained physician injectors. That equates to approximately 1 in 2000 times that facial filler injections are performed in the nose. Thankfully, vascular compromise is exceedingly rare, and when treated promptly and correctly, will resolve without long-term consequences. But that is the key – it must be attended to swiftly and expertly. If not treated appropriately, long-term consequences can be serious.

This is the reason that you should always ALWAYS be sure that your injector is properly trained, and knows how to handle vascular compromise after filler injection, whether they have personally experienced it first hand or not. All physicians who inject hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Belatero, should be stocking hyaluronidase in their office (this is the enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronic acid fillers used for liquid rhinoplasty).

Bottom line: While non-surgical rhinoplasty can be amazing, and is often quick, easy, and effective 1,999 out of 2,000 times, it is not without risks. Choose a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is well trained, competent, approachable and responsive to you and your concerns.

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The Shampoo Scalp Brush For Better Hair

shampoo scalp brush

How seldom you wash your hair has become a bragging right among women. (E.g., “My blowouts last 5 days!”) Those of us who wash our hair every day are called crazy, foolish and misguided, among other things. (I prefer “clean”, but whatever.) Whether to shampoo hair daily is one of the longest-standing, most heated debates in beauty.

Are you in the scant shampoo camp? Perhaps a dry shampoo devotee? Or maybe a cleansing conditioner practitioner? Since I’ve learned the hard way that trying to get a once or twice a week hair washer to switch to washing every day is about as easy as getting a staunch republican to vote for Hillary, I won’t bore you with the benefits of a super-clean scalp. I will ask you, though: Since you’re only washing your hair once or twice a week, don’t you want every washing your hair gets to be as effective as possible? Then what you wantwhat you needis the S-HEART-S Scalp Brush.

Haven’t heard of a scalp or shampoo brush? That’s ok. Though this brush won over Japan a decade ago, and though Ishi brought the brush to the U.S. a few years after that, it has remained a relatively unknown beauty tool to most of the world. This recently started to change, however, when the brush landed in France and caused a complete sensation with hair stylists and beauty editors alike. Team Travel Beauty totally gets it. Almost everyone who tries this magical brush is an instant convert, wondering how they ever cared for their hair without it. This is because this brush elevates the simple act of washing your hair into a deep cleansing ritual.

Since 2004, S-HEART-S has been on a mission  to revolutionize shampooing with its brushes. S-HEART-S invented and engineered its Scalp Brush and Scalp Brush Mini to create beautiful, voluminous hair by deeply cleansing and invigorating the scalp. The Scalp Brush is designed to thoroughly clean and massage your scalpwhile you shampoo. How, you ask?

It has 376 round-tipped nylon bristles  specially designed to remove dirt, buildup and excess oil from the 40,000 follicles on the scalp, giving a deeper, more invigorating cleaning of the pores than you’ll ever get with your fingers alone. The bristles’ ball tips also massage and stimulate your scalp (promoting microcirculation) while hair strands slide easily through the brush, allowing an even distribution of shampoo and conditioner along the entire hair shaft of each and every strand of hair. Your hair and scalp are left completely build up-free. The brush also makes applying a hair mask or conditioning treatment easier and more effective, because no strand is left untreated. I’ve also gushed before about the Scalp Brush’s amazing detangling abilitiesachieved without the creation of static electricity. With regular use, hair looks and feels revitalized from the root to the tip, with an glossy, smooth finish.

As a Scalp Brush devotee,  I can tell you without a doubt that my hair is noticeably cleanerand stays cleaner longerwhen I shampoo with this brush. My blowouts last an extra day at least, and when I finally do wash my hair after a blow out, this brush is unparalleled at removing all the dry shampoo I put on my hair to stop it from shining and smelling. Quite simply, it is a necessity for anyone who tries to keep shampooing to a minimum.

Intrigued? Watch this How to Use the Scalp Brush video:

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Take Off 10 Years With a Non-surgical Brow Lift

eyebrow shaping tips

A big trend in makeup right now is full, unkempt brows. As much as this looks great on teens and twentysomethings, get past your 30th birthday and overgrown brows look like untrimmed bushes. Let’s face it, proper grooming is always best. You want to look lifted and young, not like an overgrown plant that hasn’t been tended to. So let’s start with the basics.


So you think you have no brows left. You plucked them all in the 70s and they never grew back. I’ve heard this at least a couple hundred times. There are solutions! You can grow them back. There are numerous products on the market that will help you grow back your previously over-plucked brows. One such solution is a combo of Phylia de M. Connect and Re-Connect. Phylia is a line of revolutionary, award-winning hair care products created to give every person the healthiest, fullest and most luscious hair possible. While the products were created for the scalp, they work wonders on brows as well (not to mention nails). It won’t be an overnight transformation, but with a month of diligent use you will see brow hairs popping up in previously bare places.


While you’re waiting for your brows to grow, or even if you have full brows but they are very blond in some places, you’ll want a product that provides some extra oomph. Try my new Brow INK. This is not one of those hideous tattooed-on orange brows that looks like Groucho Marx which you think save you time in the morning. We are talking about one minute here. I know you can find the time. Brush on MB York Brow INK with the tiny brush provided to fill in all the blonde hairs that you didn’t know were there, and voila! You have more brows than you know what to do with. Prefer a pencil to fill in your brows? Try the foolproof Brenda Christian Universal Brow Definer and follow it with her magical Perfect Brow Gel, which gives the appearance of texture to the brow and holds them in place perfectly.


I also recommend calling upon an expert. An EXPERT brow shaper, not your neighborhood landscaper. (Live in the NYC area? Try Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté) Have them artfully shape your brows so your whole face is lifted in a few expert rips of wax, plucks of the tweezer and snips of the scissor. The brows really do frame the entire face. Gone is the heavy caterpillar pushing down on your lid making any sagging lid skin look heavier, and exposed is the opened eye of someone 10 years younger…all without going under the knife! If you are in the process of growing your brows back in, this can really help keep the shape becoming all the way through that process.


I am amazed when I hear from women that don’t want to take the time to get an expert brow shape and learn some new makeup tricks, yet these same women are constantly in the salon cutting and coloring their hair. Brow shaping isn’t extravagant or dangerous, like a facelift or cosmetic surgery. It is 15 minutes in a makeup or facial chair, and the results are magical! The best part is that it only costs about $50! Of course you need to fully trust whomever you are letting tend to your facial hair, so go to a master. Invest a little more, and get immediate positive feedback when your friends tell you how great you look. A simple way to distinguish an expert from an imposter is to take a close look at their brows. Is that the way you want yours to look? If not, there is a good chance that this is not the aesthetician for you.


Get a group of girls together, have wine at lunch, and head over to the best brow expert in your area for a 15 minute transformation that gives you way more bang for your buck than a pair of new shoes. After all, you want the focus to be on YOU, and the young, vibrant version you.

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