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Monthly Archives : November 2015

Questioning Yellow Based Foundations

avoiding yellow based foundations

Having worked on thousands of women, I can often identify certain brands of foundation solely based on their distinct yellow hue on my clients’ skin. Many luxury brands offer a sea of different variations of yellow. Though yellow tones work well on Asian women, most of my clientele is Caucasian and with few exceptions have more pink in their skin. Ideally, an equal amount of pink and yellow is needed for a balanced, healthy glow.

Foundation 101

I have been custom blending foundation formulas for over 20 years, and currently add fuchsia toner to almost every single one because it cuts the yellow in the skin and subtly adds pink, which looks healthier and less jaundice-like. Almost every woman that sits in my chair has a yellow formula foundation like I am describing. When I remove it and show them the difference that adding pink makes, they are stunned! The problem is there are far too many formulas on the market that shouldn’t be available to anyone. Because of this, purchasing foundation at a department store is very risky. So much so that only one in ten of my clients is wearing a foundation that is appropriate for her skin tone. I also like to go a tiny bit on the darker side to give clients a little more color in addition to adding pink which achieves a rosier bronze glow.

Bonzers and Powders

The same is true of bronzers and translucent powders so I have created one that is more pink-toned as well. When worn over my custom blended foundation it adds another layer of subtle color correction. The pink hue cuts the yellow undertone in the powder. This is especially helpful for blondes who already have a lot of yellow tones in their hair. Pink brightens and lifts the skin without having to depend on an orangey bronzer that might not be the right shade for you.


The one place yellow tones are appropriate is in concealer. Usually the skin color is a little lighter under the eyes, and when you go too light on the concealer it ends up highlighting dark circles and drawing attention to them—AKA the raccoon look. A yellow based concealer blends into the skin more easily and should disappear to look like you are wearing nothing at all. My Beauty Ammo Kit includes three secret weapons for a flawless eye area.

Next time you are on your way to the overwhelming world of department store makeup counters, head to M.B. York instead and have a color custom blended for just $45. Book and appointment at Jo Paris Salon, 14202 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

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6 Ways to Enhance Your Beauty Regimen and Support Skin Health with Biafine

biafine beauty regimen support skin health

Biafine, otherwise known as Trolamine, is one of the most basic staples that can be found in any French, German or Israeli pharmacy. Yasmine Djerradine, skin care authority and Travel Beauty expert recommended it to me to help prevent scarring when I had surgery 15 years ago. It is a multi-tasking wonder ointment that soothes redness, irritation, inflammation and sunburns.

In Europe Biafine is mostly used to prevent and soothe diaper rash in infants, but this topical wonder offers so much more. Over the years I have incorporated Biafine into my daily regimen.

Cure for Chapped Lips

I have excruciatingly dry lips. My husband often scolds me for biting them. The truth is I don’t, my lips are just so chapped that it appears as though I do. The winter is the worst, as the cold dry air seems to be pulling a double shift. I layer Biafine under my lip gloss or lipstick for an extra boost of moisture. It coats, smoothes and soothes lips sealing in a barrier between the lips and the outside world. In my experience products like Eucerin, Vaseline and Blistex seem to suck the moisture right out of my lips.

Apply Biafine before bed too. Skin repairs itself overnight when we are sleeping; the same is true for the skin on our lips. Biafine gives your lips the extra lift they need.

Body Care

Body oil is my body care product of choice, especially in colder months. Right now I’m using Mio Skincare The Activist Firming Active Body Oil. It’s rich and smells divine (and I am not a fan of scents.) Even if you apply body oil to damp skin mixing body oil with a creamy agent helps it to penetrate the skin more deeply and dilute the oily texture of many rich body oils. In other words, many of us are in a rush and don’t have time to wait for body oil to dry (now we are not talking oil slick here, but even body oils that go on almost dry can leave an initial damp residue on the skin) before pulling on a pair of trousers or jeans. Biafine cuts just enough of the oily texture without being too creamy and because it’s scent free, it won’t interfere with the scent of your favorite body oil.

Soothing Rosacea

I am not a dermatologist, doctor or skin care expert by way of formal education and there is currently no cure for rosacea. That said, in many cases, Biafine has been able to help lessen the symptoms of this skin condition. Though food intake and stress are some of the factors that contribute to rosacea, the bottom line is that it causes red, reactive and in some cases inflamed skin. While using gentle skin care for sensitive, reactive skin, like Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 or B. Kamins Laboratories Nutrient Replacement Cream Kx, that soothe and cool is essential, layering a thin layer of Biafine under these types of moisturizers adds an extra cool and calming layer of care that, much like in the case of chapped lips, provides a buffer between irritated skin and your moisturizer. On more severe days when skin is particularly reactive, Biafine can be used alone. Please note that everyone is different so before applying Biafine on your entire face, conduct a small patch test.

After Dermatological Peels and Treatments

Though I am not a proponent of chemical peels (many are purported to cause harmful chemicals to seep into the bloodstream and dehydrate skin, stripping it of many essential nutrients) many people swear them. Biafine aids in soothing the dry, seemingly sunburned shape that you will find your skin in immediately following these treatments.

Biafine to Treat Radio Dermatitis

Biafine is often prescribed to cancer patients or others receiving radiation treatment. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of Biafine help bring down the inflammation and treat burned and painful irritation that can be caused by these treatments.

Biafine to Treat Cuts and Sunburn

Biafine can also be used as a wound dressing to heal minor cuts. It provides moisture to aid the skin in the healing process while protecting it from bacterial contamination. Biafine can also be applied directly to sunburns to soothe and lessen inflammation. As opposed to aloe-based sunburn ointments and gels, Biafine seeps into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a wet gelatinous texture sitting on the surface of the skin.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

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Travel Beauty Reviews Our Favorite Beauty Wipes

best facial beauty wipes

After having kids, I wondered how I ever lived my life without a supply of baby wipes on me at all times. It was nothing short of a revelation for me: A stack of quality baby wipes could literally solve 95% of my problems. You can imagine my joy, then, as I’ve watched the number and variety of “beauty wipes” explode in recent years. No longer limited to wipes made for a baby’s bum, I can now choose from big ones, small ones, body wipes, face wipes, hair wipes…big hair/body/face wipes…every type of wipe I could ever hope for! I’ve found a few favorites along the way, so here they are, why I love them and a quick how-to on making the most of them.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

The most deeply cleansing wipes I’ve ever used. Some wipes leave my face with a not-so-fresh feeling. Not these. Ursa Major’s individually wrapped 100% bamboo fiber face wipes infused with a generous dose of 4-in-1 Face Tonic – Ursa’s answer to the common toner. You get all the same benefits as you would from Ursa’s Face Tonic in pocket-sized, spill-proof packets.

What are the 4 benefits in this one wipe?

  • They cleanse: Removes oil and grime without stripping skin of its moisture or throwing off pH balance.
  • They exfoliate: Dissolves dead skin cells and clears clogged pores (3% natural AHA/BHA complex).
  • They help heal: Soothes irritation and inflammation and accelerates healing
  • They hydrate: Hydrates and firms skin (without leaving any residue).

I love the aroma, too: A refreshing medicinal brew spiked with orange, fir and lavender. The super natural ingredient list for these wipes reads like a farmer’s market shopping list. They are packed with aloe to soothe, hydrate and promote healthy tissue regeneration, witch hazel to tighten/shrink pores, willow bark extract for its exfoliating and acne fighting abilities (it’s a natural source of beta hydroxy acid “BHA”), antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial rosemary, as well as apple, green tea, birch sap and radish root to boot! Due to their size, I mainly use these on my face. If you’re looking to give yourself a post-workout wipe down – face and body – you’ll need more than one.

All Ursa Major’s products are made with the highest-grade natural ingredients (99.9% natural, 53% organic), sourced wherever possible from family-owned, sustainable growers. There are never any petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.

Heaven Skincare EllaJane Wipes

Heaven Skincare’s EllaJane Celebrity Skin Wipes are so big, soft and strong that a recent first-time user excitedly exclaimed “you can do an entire whore’s bath with one”! (Not that we know what that is…but it sure sounds impressive.) Though these wipes were designed for use on the face, they are certainly big enough to cover more ground than that. These durable skin wipes are made from 100% organic cotton. They not only cleanse, but also tone and moisturize, covering three skin care steps in a few fell swipes. These wonder wipes have also become the official skin wipe of Travel Beauty expert Dara Liotta M.D.’s practice.

Did you know you can also CLEAN YOUR TEETH WITH THEM? Yup, these organic wipes can be used to wipe down your chompers anytime, anywhere. They are super soft and taste very mild. Infused with taste bud-friendly honey, peppermint and apple pectin, they are almost good enough to eat (but don’t eat them, please.) Just take a wipe and gently wipe along the outside and inside surfaces of your teeth, focusing on the gum line to attack that plaque, and viola! Your mouth and breath will feel totally refreshed in seconds flat.

If using a skin wipe on your teeth is too odd for you, don’t fret. These wipes perform traditional skin wipe duties with aplomb as well:

  • Apple pectin works to exfoliate and deeply cleanse skin
  • Honey heals and moisturizes skin
  • The peppermint base works to balance skin’s oil levels
  • Peppermint oil helps keep blemishes at bay
  • Made with only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, these wipes are so pure you can even wash your teeth with them

New to Travel Beauty: Mio Skincare Clean Slate Workout Swipes

You know that amazing cucumber-infused water that you can sip in most spa lounges? That is exactly what these jumbo face and body wipes smell like. Softly scented with a hint of fresh cucumber and mint, they are the ultimate shower-free way to cleanse, refresh and revitalize your face and body before and after a workout, when traveling, or any other time you’re feeling the funk.

Each jumbo (they are huge) Clean Slate Swipe is specially formulated with natural ingredients – like exfoliating lactic acid – to effectively remove makeup, pore-clogging bacteria, sweat and oil. They help prevent blemishes and post-gym breakouts (they’re naturally antibacterial), whilst aloe vera and omega oils exfoliate and moisturize leaving skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, without stripping essential oils. Your entire body feels soft and smooth, never irritated.

Mio Skincare adheres to a strict no nasties policy with all of its amazing products. That means the products are free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colorants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and phthalates.

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Pads

These wipes are the winner of New Beauty’s Beauty Choice Award for Best At-Home Chemical Peel. And personally, I’ll never NOT use them.

This peel is an extra-strength version of Dr. Dennis Gross’ patented #1-selling Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel on presoaked cotton towelettes. Higher concentrations of alpha beta acids plus newly added anti-aging boosters, including mandelic acid and willow bark extract, deliver a stronger peel without risk of irritation or recovery time.

Why I can’t live without them:

  • They diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly reduce pores and treat breakouts
  • Target dark spots while improving skin tone and texture

Which wipes do you swear by and why? Let us know in the comments!

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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