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Interview with Donna Perrone of Gravity East Village: Part 2

donna perrone interview colon hydrotherapy

Welcome back for Part II of Travel Beauty’s interview with health and wellness expert, Donna Perrone, owner of Gravity East Village.


TB: What other “beauty from the inside out” health/wellness tips can you share?

DP: My regular practices for feeling great, looking youthful and having lots of energy are:

  • Juicing and blending my food. I make a low glycemic green smoothie each morning for breakfast and continue through the day with a homemade nut milk smoothie, vegetable juice and savory blended drinks made out of vegetables, greens, flax/hemp oil, and seasonings. I am very busy working as a colonic therapist and running my wellness center. My food for the day is made in the morning and I can sip my way through the day feeling light and satisfied.
  • Sauna. I use our infrared sauna at least once a week. The color to my cheeks and the deep relaxation creates a more attractive me.
  • Exercise. I can do everything right on, but if I don’t exercise a few times a week, I will not feel as energetic and will tend to feel stiff. I love to workout with weights and practice yoga, and have been doing so since my health journey began. The added benefit is that if I feel strong, then my body posture will show that and I am more fabulous!
  • Dance Break. Take a dance break during the day! When I am not in the colonic room I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Taking a few minutes in my day to feel hot and to celebrate the day is a great pick me up. Dancing has been proven to increase the amounts of good hormones in the body, which enhances a youthful appearance. Take time for fun!
  • Colonic. I usually receive a colon hydrotherapy session 2 times per month. There is a major shift in how I feel when I get colonics regularly, and am surprised even to this day to see that they are needed. My skin has remained clear since 1997 due to colon hydrotherapy and I am interested in raising the level of cleanliness in my body with the use of colonics.
  • Raw Food. I eat primarily 80% to 100% raw foods in my diet each day. I make my own fermented foods such as kombucha, coco kefir, seed cheese etc. The addition of living foods such as sprouts is essential. I include sprouts in most of my food throughout the day. There is nothing that is more attractive than when you make a connection with the food you put into your body, especially if the food is in its raw, organic, whole state. The cooked foods I consume tend to be steamed vegetables, potato, squash, quinoa, and vegetable soup.
  • Periodic Cleansing. I practice all forms of cleansing my body on a regular basis. I not only use our sauna and get colonics, but I have coffee enemas and castor oil packs often over my liver and gallbladder. I teach a class on the Gallbladder Flush and have done 6 flushes. It is absolutely necessary for everyone to treat his or her liver right. Gravity East Village offers a Castor oil Pack/Coffee Enema session to clients to assist in making this process possible. In Chinese medicine, there is a connect between the liver and skin and when the liver is under-functioning in any way it will mostly show up as a skin condition.

TB: You host and lead numerous health and wellness events. Any coming up that you are particularly excited about? How can people find out more about upcoming events?

DP: In 1996 I began facilitating a health group that offered meetings each week. I was so excited by my own experience of feeling good that I wanted to share it with others. Accent on Wellness still continues today and I teach many classes on various health topics and cleansing practices. I am a volunteer that hosts guest speakers, workshops, and social events. We offer many of the classes at Gravity East Village such as an Essential Oils class, a Goddess Group, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) group each month. Many of the classes are free of charge. People can attend a webinar if they can’t make it in person. It has been my passion to continue leading Accent on Wellness all these years and have made many lasting friendships and have watched people make great strides in their health.

To learn more about classes and treatments, sign up for our newsletter. Visit me at Gravity East Village! Get a colonic, use our infrared sauna, schedule a massage, Emotional Freedom Techniques, or nutritional consultation. Watch some insightful videos on our website. To schedule an appointment, please call 212.388.9788. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Listen to my Internet radio programs! My radio show is called the Good Health Workshop and you can listen to shows posted on my websites under RADIO SHOW. There are archived programs from a show I did 2009 called Vitality.

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