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Natural Vs. Organic Product Labels

organic natural ingredients labels

Natural. All-natural. Organic. Green. In the US, there is no legal, regulated definition of the term “natural” as it pertains to health and beauty products. Labeling personal care products as either “natural” or “all natural” is supposed to mean that the product does not contain added colors or synthetic substances. However, “natural” is an unregulated phrase that has become little more than a marketing tool as the popularity of natural/organic products has boomed. So just because you buy a cream at a health food store, and/or it says all natural on the label (likely with leaves and flowers all around) doesn’t mean there are no questionable ingredients inside.

Defining Organic

Organic labeling, on the other hand, is protected and regulated by the FDA. If a product is labeled “organic”, or “made with organic ingredients”, it means that that product or those ingredients are farmed, grown or otherwise produced in a way that uses non-chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, promotes soil or water conservation and reduces pollution.

What Is Meant By Chemical?

The word “chemical” is very misleading. Everything you can see, touch, feel or breathe is a chemical. So all ingredients in any skin care product are either natural or synthetic chemicals. The key is to stay away from harsh chemicals that are harmful to you. These harmful chemicals could be natural or synthetic. For example, hydrochloric acid is a natural digestive enzyme produced by the stomach, but it would be extremely damaging on the skin.

We asked the co-founder of Sapelo Skin Care, Stephanie Duttenhaver, to give us a little label 101 and tell us how Sapelo Skin Care is different from other “natural” skin care lines.

SD: Sapelo Skin Care is a natural-based skin care system. We use almost 99% all natural ingredients.

Here’s what you need to know about Sapelo’s 3 Step System:

Renewing Serum: Is 99% natural. The 1% constitutes a small quantity of  a synthetic preservative. There are multiple natural preservatives and 1 synthetic to keep the bioactive ingredients stable. There is no fragrance.

Rejuvenating Cream: Is 98% natural. The other 2% consists of PEG 7 Glycerol Cocoate & fragrance. We are in the process of reformulating Rejuvenating Cream. The next iteration, coming soon, will be 99% natural with no PEG.

Softening Emollient: Is 99% natural. The other 1% is PEG 7 Glycerol Cocoate. We will remove the PEG 7 in the near future, making the Softening Emollient 100% all natural.

PEGs (or Polyethylene Glycols) are used as a preservative in many personal care products. Because of the high concentration of natural peptides and stem cells in Sapelo products, we had to add some preservatives. We chose the lowest possible concentration of PEG 7 that would preserve the bioactivity of these crucial ingredients. The PEG 7 we use is made from the fat of the coconut.

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram

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