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20% Off with Code BEAUTY20 | FREE Gift with Emma Hardie Purchase of $60 | Free Samples with Every Order

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Expert Skin Care Advice From Yasmine Djerradine

While utilizing quality skin care products and establishing a consistent self care routine is the cornerstone of any effective skincare practice, seeking out professional guidance is a must as well. Just as many of us schedule routine teeth cleanings and check-ups twice a year to take inventory of our oral health, we need to do the same for our skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is the body’s first line of defense against the elements. Like any organ, it is constantly in flux and affected by age, pollution, our nutritional intake, levels of anxiety, hormones, the season and many other factors. So in addition to cleansing, using a quality serum, moisturizer, face oil when necessary, eye cream and a weekly mask, I recommend having a routine facial. At a minimum shoot for 4 times a year. To that end, we sat down with Yasmine Djerradine, renowned skin care expert and founder of Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté, to discuss her approach to skin care and why it is more important than ever to take good care of ourselves.

TB: What do you love most about what you do?

Yasmine: So many things…I love to take care of people. There is something intimate about caring for another’s skin. I like to customize each treatment.

People often call me and describe their skin over the phone and ask me to recommend a regimen for them. I always tell them that I need to see and touch their skin in order to understand their unique health and beauty needs.

TB: What is the single most important piece of skin care advice that you give your clients?

Yasmine: Please don’t overdo it! Your skin is an organ, and your body’s first line of defense against the elements. Many harsh procedures actually strip your skin of what it desperately needs to protect itself! Focus on cleansing and hydrating, and your skin will always be there to protect you.

Customization in skin care is also crucial. Everything has to be “sur mesure”, or made to order. Everyone ages differently and responds to the elements and pollution uniquely.

TB: If you had to recommend a few essential skin care products that you would encourage people to splurge on, what would they be?

Yasmine: Today people are living longer and so we need our youthful complexion to last indefinitely. It is more important than ever to take care of ourselves as we age. If you think about the adverse effects of collagen collapse, sun or wind damage, cancer, etc., all of these issues can be traced back to the various ways we have neglected our skin. We must utilize a serious moisturizer during the winter to protect ourselves from the cold and wind and the best sun protection when we are in the sun – basically all year round.

TB: What defining moment in your career had the strongest influence on you?

Yasmine: I have defining moments all the time! I am constantly discovering new products, working with new clients and experimenting with new treatment technologies. This is why, even after 30 years, I am still so passionate about skin care. It is my hope and vision for the future that each new experience will be insightful and exciting. I strive for every moment to be the next “aha” moment!

Read more about Yasmine on her Travel Beauty Expert Page.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

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Our Holiday Beauty Bag

The Perfect Beauty Gift? It’s in the Bag

Even the most devout procrastinators are starting to think about holiday gifts. Everyone has that one person…who’s impossible to buy for. Who seems to simultaneously be super-selective, yet have everything!

Travel Beauty has officially solved this problem. We’ve gathered some of the most unique—and most effective—beauty finds from around the globe (five different countries, to be exact) to assemble a one of a kind, ultra-luxe exclusive beauty bag, complete with skin care, hair care and body care cult favorites. Even an extra special little something that just might make your smile brighter. You will not find a collection of beauty like this anywhere else!

So what do we have in our bag? Just ALL THIS:

From France

Cosmetics 27 Huile 27: 100% natural multi-tasking face oil can be used on face, body, lips, hair and cuticles. Nourishes, softens, regenerates and protects skin. Provides essential nutrients to restructure the epidermal tissue and help rebalance skin functions.

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray: A multi-tasking miracle spray that energizes the skin and boosts the effectiveness of subsequently applied skin care. Can be used as a toner prior to applying serum/moisturizer, or to set makeup. Also perfect for a quick refresh at home and on the go.

From Israel

Lavido Alert Eye Cream: Revives, hydrates and protects the delicate skin of the eye area. Lightweight formula contains plant-based hyaluronic acid, cold-pressed avocado oil, organic pomegranate seed oil and citrus extracts to brighten, moisturize and relieve puffiness.

From Japan

Binchotan Toothbrush: The Binchotan charcoal blended into each bristle of this chic toothbrush prevents bad breath and helps removes plaque. Activated charcoal also gives off negative ions to prevent harmful bacteria from growing within the brush.

From The UK

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm: This multiple-award winning balm is the most pampering facial cleanser you’ll ever use! Thoroughly cleanses and purifies, helps minimize the appearance of pores, plumps, softens and revitalizes skin while also calming the senses.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer: Originally created for Audrey Hepburn, this intensive moisturizing hair treatment delivers elasticity, bounce and shine to all hair types.

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner: This duo strengthens and protects hair, leaving it shiny, manageable and lustrous.

Sapelo Skin Care Seaweed Enzyme MaskFrom The US

Mio Skincare Double Buff Dual Action Enzyme Exfoliator: A non-abrasive, omega-rich body scrub containing spherical particles of pumice, lava and bamboo to slough away dead skin cells and reveal soft, supple skin with increased clarity and radiance.

Sapelo Skin Care Seaweed Enzyme Mask: Exfoliates and renews radiance with natural plant-based papaya, pumpkin and yeast enzymes. Increases circulation, rehydrates skin and improves mild acne. Leave on for 15–20 minutes, once a week.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes: Made with bamboo fiber and infused with Ursa Major’s 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic, these wonder wipes cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate.

Travel Beauty Travel Bag: Our signature bag is sleek with luxe touches. You’ll be shocked at how much beauty it can bear!

This is very limited edition, so grab yours now.

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram

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New York Social Diary Beauty Roundup

As part of the new Travel Beauty/New York Social Diary partnership, NYSD has tapped a host of writers to create some compelling beauty content – that we feel compelled to share with you! Here is a roundup of beauty news and reviews from Delia Von Neuschatz for NYSD:

What is semi-permanent makeup, who is it right for and where is the best place to go for a consultation and treatment?

Semi-permanent Make-up: How to Wake Up Looking Good

Want to look bright eyed and bushy-tailed first thing in the morning? Want to wake up looking “naturally” pretty and then remain that way no matter what the day throws at you? Guys — want to give the impression of a full head of hair? Then, semi-permanent makeup may be for you. Read more…

An exclusive interview with celebrity facialist and creator of her own eponymous skin care line, Emma Hardie:

Custom-SerumsEmma Hardie: Beauty is Muscle Deep

I was lucky enough on a recent trip to London to get a facial from Emma Hardie, skin care guru who counts Sophie Dahl, Angelica Houston, Mel B. of the Spice Girls and many other celebs among her clients. I don’t normally go for facialsRead more.

Did you know that you can get skin care customized to your own genetic code that affects your skin’s aging process? 

Bespoke Beauty

On London’s Bond Street, famed mecca of luxury, you will find many coveted items enticingly proffered by the likes of Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and so many more temples to the good life. But did you know that you will also find something much more elusive…Read more. 

Hungry for more? Discover NYSD Beauty.

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Q&A with cast, inc. Founder Julia Samersova Garfinkel

Travel Beauty’s #GirlBoss Series continues with mother of four Julia Samersova Garfinkel - fellow Brooklyn girl and founder of cast inc. cast, inc. is a full service casting agency based in New York City that specializes in advertising campaigns, editorials, fashion shows and commercials. With an impressive worldwide network of modeling and talent agencies, art directors, producers, photographers and designers, cast inc. works with some of the most prominent names in the industry.

TB: What Was Your Path To Becoming An Entrepreneur? Was It Always A Goal Of Yours?

JSG: No, it was never a goal. I had been working as a model manager for close to 12 years. I had worked at four agencies (Elite, Ford, Company Management and Next). In 2004, I decided to make the jump to the client side and become a freelance casting director. My best friend John Pfeiffer, Casting Director legend, took me to J&R Music World and bought me my first laptop. John and my mom encouraged me to do my own thing. I jumped into the shallow pool with my eyes closed and wished for the best! I had nothing to lose. I was not operating from a place of fear, so it all fell into place! The first year was tough financially and I had to borrow money just to survive. Gradually, through networking, word of mouth and sheer perseverance I started to flourish! The better I did, the more driven I became.

TB: It’s Your Job To Find Beautiful People. How Has Being A Casting Agent Changed The Way You Relate To Beauty…Inner And Outer?

JSG: Constantly working around beautiful men, women and children has taught me that inner beauty trumps outer any day. A gorgeous person becomes ugly very quickly with a bad attitude, and vice versa. I have also learned that personality goes a long way. You can’t just be pretty or handsome with nothing inside. Then you are just a pretty, empty shell. Also, genetics are a motherf#@ker, period.

TB: What Constitutes The “It” Factor? What Makes Someone Truly Stand Out?

JSG: A sense of humor and sense of self.

TB: What Beauty Hacks Have You Established Over The Years As A Casting Agent, Mom and Entrepreneur?

JSG: Massage, massage, massage! I am a huge massage freak! We found an incredible masseuse that comes to our home once a week. He is a Tibetan Buddhist from Mongolia; a true healer. I also have been massaging my kids daily (sometimes twice daily) since they were born. I believe that touch is so essential to intimacy, both with my husband and with my children.

I am also a huge sunscreen fanatic. Always on the hunt for a fabulous easy to apply, yummy smelling, natural sunscreen.

I love anything vanilla scented…but not cheap vanilla. I also love musk, patchouli, tobacco, citrus, sandalwood and bergamot. Scent is very important to me – it establishes the strongest memories. Also, manicures and pedicure, family style, on the regular!

TB: How Has Your Work Shaped The Way You Talk To Your Daughters About Beauty?

JSG: It’s never too early to start the dialogue about beauty, weight, societal expectations, self love, nutrition and sex in my house. We talk about everything in an extremely open, liberal way. We answer questions very honestly and name body parts by their real names. Sex is not some secretive, sinful thing.

My oldest daughter has seen my weight fluctuate several times. From very overweight to “medium” (as she calls it) to too thin! As a family, we stress the importance of fitness and activity. We try to eat super healthy but are not perfect, so of course there are plenty of lazy days and pizza parties! I tell each of my kids a million times a day how absolutely gorgeous they are. I hope it just sinks in!

TB: What Beauty Products Can’t You Live Without?

  • Sunscreen!
  • Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black
  • I love Weleda products with all my heart! The citrus body lotion!
  • Coconut Oil for everything!
  • Chanel Vamp or Iced Roses by Essie for nails
  • Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation for Feet peel (OMG!)
  • L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara
  • Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Body Cream
  • Tweezerman tweezers
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Hair Conditioner
  • Exfoliators! I use different ones all the time
  • Ling NY Skincare DUAL MOISTURE EMULSION (Ling for facials too! Ask for Carol!)
  • Q-tips and baby wipes!
  • Black hair ties!
  • Gillette Clinical Antiperspirant
  • Atelier Cologne Absolue – Vanille
  • Dove Soap (love the smell)

Photo credit: Wildfox Fall 2015 campaign. Cast by cast inc. Photographer: Mark Hunter

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Hairstyle Advice From Hair Guru, Ishi

Your Hair, Your Style

The difference between fashion and beauty is vast. Trends come and go. The search for new and exciting looks drives fashion. But our real issue is beauty. Looking beautiful, feeling beautiful. What makes you look and feel your best? Trends, if not detailed to fit your features, will not make you look your best. What looks great on someone else is not always what is best for you.  Their face, their hair and their attitude makes the look successful. Your face shape, your type of hair and your lifestyle all have to be kept in mind as you adapt a style for your best look – your individual beauty.  First, you have to accept who you are, what your hair type can do and how much time you can commit (and are willing to commit) to maintaining a style. These different factors dictate what is the best style for you.

Hair Length

Hair length is a good starting point. There are many choices of different lengths to flatter everyone. Never feel locked into only one length, thinking it is the only one for you. Your best personal style can be achieved in many different ways. It’s often the details within the style that either date a style or make it up to date. You could wear a style for years, but by updating the details you can keep it current, fresh and new. For example, if you love having bangs, you can make them longer, shorter, thicker, side-swept, etc., depending on what’s current.

There Are No Rules

Also, there are no rules that need to be followed. Sometimes the things that we are told will not be right are the most flattering on us! I often see people wear long hair as a security, without really thinking about how it makes them look. It’s about having all this hair…yet it’s pulled back most of the time without any thought of style. Why? The right shape would make their hair more than just “hair”…it would transform hair into a self-expression. The hair can still be kept long, but with the addition of the right details designed to fit their features, hair can become a person’s greatest asset (think Jennifer Aniston, whose hair always-impeccable has become a signature).

Take a Risk

Many have followed the trend toward short hair…some more successfully than others. Usually it’s unsuccessful because they followed the trend rather than getting a short cut detailed to perfectly fit them. Why? We see ourselves in our minds eye. We aren’t able to see the full three dimension of ourselves. This is where a great stylist (hair, makeup, clothing, etc.) comes in. You have to be open to allow for greatness; allow yourself to let go of your self-perceived limitations. “I could never go blond/short/long/[fill in the blank].” Everyone has unlimited choices they can make. Finding what is perfect takes time and the skilled eye of someone considering your specific features to bring out your beauty.


Like what Ishi has to say? See this hair guru in action this Wednesday from 6-8pm at the Travel Beauty pop-up apothecary!

International Playground! 463 Broome Street, NYC.

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