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Monthly Archives : May 2014

Picking Kids’ Hair Care Products

kids hair care products

Any parent knows there’s not enough lavender oil on earth to make bath time/bed time the relaxing occasion it’s portrayed as in commercials. If you happen to have a kid with long and/or curly hair, you know that bath time can be nothing short of a horror show. This was my situation until I crafted this no more tangles, no more tears hair care routine, featuring Caretrico Moist Bounce Treatment, S-HEART-S Scalp Brush Mini and Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence.

Natural Hair Care = Tear-Free Kids

You may think detangling is a conditioner-based condition, but much can be accomplished in the shampooing step. Start with thebest shampoo for your child’s hair type (we have one for every type). I prefer Caretrico Type S for my daughter’s hair.

It’s important to really saturate the hair before shampooing; don’t just quickly dip it in water. When hair is very wet, it allows shampoo to suds up optimally, providing the best clean and allowing the brush to move through the hair with the greatest of ease. What brush, you say?

Brushing Up on Hair Products for Kids With Curly Hair

Here’s where you get to break a hard and fast beauty rule: brushing wet hair!

The S-HEART-S Scalp Brush Mini is specifically designed for this task. Once the shampoo is in the hair, you brush with the scalp brush, starting at the scalp and running through the length of the hair several times. Here is why we LOVE this scalp massaging brush:

  • It’s 376 round-tipped nylon bristles are specially designed and shaped to remove dirt, buildup and excess oil from the 40,000 follicles on the scalp.
  • These bristles gently massage the scalp as they clean, promoting circulation and giving a deeper and more invigorating cleaning than can be achieved by fingertips alone.
  • Although this brush delivers a heavy-duty cleaning, it does so with the gentlest touch, so hair is never yanked or broken. Welcome to tear-free detangling that your child can do all on her/his own!

After thoroughly brushing the hair, rinse out shampoo completely. You will immediately feel the reduction of tangles. Of course, this brush can be used by the whole family; I love it as much as my daughter does. It makes my hair more smooth and manageable, and styling infinitely easier.

In Perfect Condition Thanks to Caretrico

kids-hair-care-products-caretrico-type-s-shampooI used to use leave-in conditioner to do most of my detangling dirty work. However, after using the S-HEART-S Scalp Brush Mini, you will see (and feel) that most of that work is already done. After rinsing shampoo, squeeze excess water out of hair and apply conditioner to the bottom two thirds. Caretrico Moist Bounce Treatment has been a lifesaver for my family. Even before I discovered the S-HEART-S Scalp Brush, this conditioning treatment did a fabulous job of perfecting my daughter’s curls…not to mention the way it completely transforms MY hair after highlighting! Also, the rose hip oil-infused scent of Moist Bounce Treatment is amazing. Unique, subtle, divine.

A Spray A Day to Keep Tangles Away

The finishing touch to the routine is Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence. Created as a leave-in heat styling spray, a few sprays provide light yet effective conditioning. I use this in the morning to take care of any tangles that may have happened overnight. (If your child’s hair is long and extremely tangle-prone, I recommend braiding it before bed.) Daily Damage Defence will tame any unruly wisps of hair that are sticking up and unravel any knots, though after brushing and conditioning, these will be minimal. I use this on my son’s short hair as well, to pat down any cowlicks that sprang up during sleep.

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The Power Peel Facial for Summer

power peel

The Best Seasonal Skin Care Facial

As we enter the warmer spring and summer months, it is important to stop and recognize that our skin is recovering from the brutal cold and dry weather of the harsh winter we’ve just trekked through (it may already seem like eons ago). Our skin is now in the process of acclimating itself to the warmer temperatures (finally) that accompany this time of year.

The Power Peel: Your Spring Facial Solution

The ideal skin care treatment for this time of year is a non-chemical power peel facial. I recommend undergoing this treatment twice a year. Now, as the weather gets warmer, to not only exfoliate the gift of dry, dead cells that winter so kindly bestowed upon us, but also to eradicate sebum deposits from the dermis. Ideally, you would repeat this treatment again right after the summer, in September or early October. It is the perfect way to care for skin after months of sitting in the sun or simply being outside at a time when we are exposed to sun on a regular basis. The peel will lighten dark spots or discoloring of the skin that may have occurred due to regular sun exposure. It will also help immediately clear up congestion, or clogged pores, often caused by the SPF products you applied daily.

Polishing the Skin

Keep in mind, this is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure. Micro aluminum crystals are applied to the skin to exfoliate it. Think of it as a gentle sand paper that vanquishes dead cells, irregularities, acne scars, sebum and even fine lines. A new, radiant, fresh layer of skin is instantly revealed, with none of the downtime that comes after a harsher chemical peel.

Out With the Old, In With the New

The Power Peel device actually reveals a before and after effect. You can see, in one glass tube, the white color of the crystals that will be used on the skin, and in the other tube, the color of the dead skin cells that have been exfoliated from the face (usually a sandy skin tone). You will feel and look refreshed, like you have finally shed the heavy burden of winter and can look forward to a glowing summer.

Take-Home Facial

power-peel-facial-machineCan’t make it to the spa or need a quick touch up in between treatments? Try Elemis’ Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Gel Mask. It contains retexturizing enzymes that exfoliate and smooth out the surface of the skin. You can feel it activate immediately upon application causing a tingling sensation. Juvena Pure Lifting Peeling Powder is an effective exfoliating cleanser, perfect for daily use, that will polish and refine skin texture to leave skin smooth and luminous.

Your Smart Summer Skin Care Routine

Make sure to take care of your newly polished skin over the summer by using a protective sunscreen, like Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair SPF 20 for Face and Adaptasun Sea and Tropics Body Lotion SPF 20. Always make sure to apply a serum under sunscreen applied to the face. Serums like Cosmetics 27′s Essence 27 and Emma Hardie’s The Midas Touch Face Serum are light, making them perfect for warmer months. On top of all the anti-aging benefits these serums have, they will also help prevent congestion, namely blackheads and sebum buildup, that can occur due to applying sun care products directly onto skin.

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Our Hairoes Hair Care Kit

Best European and Japanese hair care

Do you ever feel better than you do when your hair looks fabulous? All seems right in the world when all looks good on our heads. Unfortunately, short of seeking professional help, having our hair consistently look fabulous can be a crap shoot. Until now! The products in this kit can turn any mane into a masterpiece. At Travel Beauty, we have taken a stab at putting together a hair care kit filled with off the beaten path products that we’ve found work wonders for most. This collection of hair heroes (a term coined by Philip Kingsley) have become Our Hair-oes. We hope that they will be yours as well.

Let’s take Our Hair Care Collection From the Top…of Your Head

We start with shampoo, of course. Humid weather can cause even the sleekest hair to frizz up. Though we usually rely on styling and finishing products to defrizz, you can start the job with the proper shampoo. Caretrico Moist Bounce Shampoo contains an amino acid that actually rebuilds the hair’s ability to retain water. Greater water retention means smoother, silkier, shinier hair…less frizz, less fuzz. This shampoo is an absolute lifesaver for anyone who highlights his or her hair.

Under One Conditioner

Philip Kingsley’s award-winning Elasticizer deserves all the accolades it’s received over the years. We love it so because it is as versatile as it is effective. Though it was created as the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, Elasticizer can be used pre-shampoo (for fine hair), post-shampoo or as a leave-in conditioning/styling treatment (for thick hair), depending on your hair type and condition. We know because we’ve tried them all with great success!

What exactly does it do? The name really says it all. When hair is healthy, it stretches when wet before returning to its original length when dry. Hair in poor condition, however, snaps and breaks when stretched because it lacks elasticity. Elasticizer delivers mega-moisture to the hair’s cuticle, adding suppleness, elasticity and bounce that are visible after just one use. Unlike many deep conditioning treatments, it won’t weigh down or coat even the finest hair.

 hairoes-hair-kit_hair-care-collection_natural-hair-kitA Natural Hair Kit Down to the Roots

Usually, we put our conditioner in our hair and leave it sitting there while we tend to other shower tasks. The nifty Du-Boa Ceramide 2+ Ion Scalp Massager lets you take a more active role in your hair care. It perfectly distributes conditioning treatments throughout your hair so every strand feels the love. It’s a must-have for dry, damaged and/or processed hair. This massager stimulates the scalp, increasing circulation and contains cleansing negative ions to help remove scalp build-up from treatments and styling products. This is one deep cleaning chore we actually look forward to!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Vine Minus Ion Care Water, though we know we mention it a lot! This truly amazing hair and skin priming spray is a super-booster for all other products you use, and is always our first step of hair styling. It also adds moisture and volume and feels super-refreshing. We take a travel-friendly bottle of it with us wherever we go.

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M.E. SkinLab Founder Michele Evrard Talks Cosmetics 27

m e skinlab interview

What is your background?

M.E.: I am a pharmacist. I studied Pharmacy in Belgium. I wanted to work in a lab on formulation and product development. I started as an intern at Max Factor in the US, only I was integrated in the marketing department. I went on to work at Max Factor for 2 years in product development. That’s how I started my career in fragrance and cosmetics. I learned most of the job there and owe much to the incredible women who were at the beginning of what this industry has become! I have been in this industry for over 23 years, working on product development and marketing in companies such as L’Oréal, Christian Dior Parfums, Boucheron Parfums and Matis skin care. I decided to create my own products in 2008 and launched Baume 27 in 2009.

What led you to create the Cosmetics 27 line?

M.E.: My passion for product and innovation, clearly! I had worked on the concept of a unique formula for 3 years after I had discovered the virtues of Centella Asiatica. I have always been fascinated  by cellular regeneration. It was when I left my last position and set up my own consulting firm that I decided to develop that formula for myself. It was the Baume 27. That was the beginning of the Cosmetics 27 line that came out the year after.

What differentiates your line from other skin care lines, in particular other natural skin care lines?

M.E.: My philosophy is not so much about selling or adding another product to the market. After all, everything, or almost everything, is already out there! I created my line with the idea that it helps take care of the skin in a primary way. The underlying concept is homeostasis, the principle of equilibrium of any living organism. I want to help women have healthier skin. If it is healthy, it will look good. If you look good, you will feel beautiful. I didn’t want to sell claims, only results. I wanted to be authentic.

My products are all unique, in concept and formulae. It is not a conventional line. I create products that I feel are useful and that will bring something different. All our products are natural and thought to bring results. We validate the results with extensive testing. The line is pioneering in the field of natural cosmeceuticals. (Read even more about Cosmetics 27.)

What anti-aging or other advice would you give about skin care?

M.E.: Get to know your skin! You will know how to treat it and maintain it better. Too many women use and abuse products and treatments. Be good to your skin.

Adopt a simple routine, clean your skin gently, don’t abuse the sun (that’s not to say stay away from it!). Massage skin as often as you can, it is a the first step to prevent skin from aging. Drink a lot of water, and don’t smoke or laugh too much!

In terms of skin care, I recommend mixing the different products that you use, in your hands, before you apply them. It helps achieve the right formula and texture for a specific skin. You dose the products better and will know how much you need to apply by testing and feeling different amounts. If you apply them one on top of the other, you might use too much or not get the best out of each product. This is how I use my products; you can adapt them to your needs. For example, if the Baume 27 is too rich for daytime, you can add a few drops of the Essence 27 and you will have your own preferred texture with the benefits of both products. The formulae are all thought to be complementary and not additional. It is not the skin that adapts to the products, the product can be adapted depending on the skin need and condition.

What are you passionate about related to skin care?

M.E.: I am passionate about what will become “integrative beauty”. I am interested in integrative medicine, which is maybe more popular in the US than it is in our countries (Europe). In essence, integrative medicine focuses on the patient’s wellness and health rather than treating a disease. It means that the patient is at the center, and takes charge of his own health. It takes its roots in oriental medicine and therapies, including allopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy and traditional medicine. It’s medicine that treats the body and soul. Beauty will get there! I like the idea that there is not one treatment solution for all, but that we are all different. It has already started in the US with the concept of integrative spas.

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Holistic Methods for Improving Hair Health

improving hair health

What Causes Hair Loss After an Illness?

After a harrowing winter, it’s such a relief to finally step into the season of hazy spring days. However, if you happened to pick up a few nasty February flus, fevers and/or colds (like me!), you may find that your hair is shedding a bit more than usual. Why? Hair loss usually occurs 6-12 weeks after the offending event. From personal experience, I understand how utterly harrowing seeing extra hairs in the drain, comb and on your pillow can be, but this type of hair loss (called telogen effluvium) always stops and has the ability to reverse – provided you take steps to re-balance your body. In this article I’ll share a few useful tips on how to get your hair back on track.

Mindfulness for Improved Hair Health

Stress and emotional upset often present themselves physically: You may feel more tired than usual, achy or even sick. One of the many reasons for this is because stress can affect your hormone levels and how your body metabolises and absorbs nutrients. In the long run, this can lead to nutritional deficiencies and endocrine imbalances…and soon enough, hair loss.

Really, the most important thing to do is to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Although it may seem glaringly obvious, we often tend to forget to look after ourselves properly!

First, eat three nourishing and balanced meals a day – not processed foods that can lack essential vitamins and minerals – and two healthy snacks in-between. This will help sustain energy levels to your highly prolific hair cells. Secondly, take time out to unwind and reflect. Be it yoga, meditation, an art class, a stroll through Central Park or reading your favourite book on a park bench or a café, if it makes you feel relaxed, go for it.

“Hair Care” Means Scalp Care

Stress and illness can flare up dandruff, which is proven to worsen hair shedding. Avoid this unbecoming double whammy. Use a flaky/itchy scalp shampoo and toner daily, such as PK Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo and Scalp Toner, until irritation clears.

Blood Tests: Ferritin Levels and Hair Loss

If hair loss after an illness (or any hair loss for that matter) persists for longer than 6 weeks, I suggest you have blood tests done. You may even want to have them taken sooner if you are really worried. Your doctor will most likely do a full blood profile, but also make sure he/she checks your ferritin levels. This is a stored iron that helps to produce hair cell protein. Be sure to request it specifically, as your doctor may not automatically test for it.

While the reference range for ferritin levels varies between different laboratories, levels need to be at least 80 ug/L (micrograms per litre) for your hair to function optimally. Other figures to look out for are B12, Vitamin D, Serum Iron and thyroid function. Read more about Vitamin D rich foods and hair.

Take Action Early to Avoid Losing Hair

If you have recently been ill, or are currently under the weather, take a nutritional supplement to boost your immune system and help your body (and hair) recover. Look for a good all-round multi-vitamin and increase your protein intake at mealtimes. We suggest you include at least 120g (in weight) of any primary protein at breakfast and lunch. For example, 2 eggs, a 120g fillet of salmon, grilled chicken breast, or serving of steak.

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