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Monthly Archives : June 2014

Expert Hair Care Advice From Ishi

expert hair care advice

Expert Q & A with Ishi

Travel Beauty sat down with Ishi for an exclusive interview.

TB: What do you love most about what you do?

Ishi: Seeing a smile on my client’s face once I’ve finished their hair.

TB: What is the single most important, best piece of hair care advice that you can give?

Ishi: There isn’t an overnight fix for anything. It takes continued use of good products to improve and maintain your hair’s condition.

TB: If someone can only splurge on one or two essential hair care products, which product(s) would you recommend they choose?

Ishi: In terms of hair care products, a Kent or Mason Pearson brush. They’re more expensive, but an investment for a lifetime. These brushes are made with natural boar bristles, which polish hair as you brush it.

TB: Has there been a single defining moment in your career?

Ishi: As a young hair care professional, it took me a while to understand how to “hold hair”. At first it didn’t make sense. Then, it clicked! Different procedures require hair to be held in different ways; select tensions are required for varying tasks in hairdressing. Cutting hair requires hair to be held firmly, exactly in the direction that it’s to be cut. But too much tension pulls the hair at the roots and causes it to fall unnaturally once it’s cut. Styling hair requires it to be held loosely, therefore allowing natural movement. You don’t want to crush or force hair into shapes that it can’t do naturally. I tell my clients to keep in mind the natural state of their hair when choosing a cut or style.

TB: How do you determine which hair care products are the best?

Ishi: Results! Results! Results! I try products that incorporate healthy, effective ingredients and deliver desired results. If the products deliver on a consistent basis, I include them in my practice.

Read more about Ishi.

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Hair Care Expert Ishi Explains Cutting-Edge Hair Repair Treatments

hair repair treatments

Repair your hair from the inside out while you’re coloring, relaxing or perming!

There are so many new and exciting technical developments taking place in the hair care industry aimed at improving the condition of chemically treated hair. Being a partner of Arimino, one of the largest beauty product manufacturers in Japan, has given Salon Ishi an edge. When Japanese relaxers first exploded onto the American scene, my salon had already been doing them for a while. The chemists who developed the technique were always available to keep us up to date on their latest discoveries in this area. This allowed us to relax difficult hair that others wouldn’t – even to several levels of straightness.

Cell Membrane Complex: A Leader Among Damaged Hair Repair Products

Cell Membrane Complex is the latest thing in hair relaxing technology. When we relax, color, perm, etc., we impact the integrity of the hair’s Cell Membrane Complex and the cuticle layer. Cell Membrane Complex is the liquid of protein that holds the hair’s cuticle layers together. When it is depleted, hair looks fried and dry. You can’t just apply it to hair and expect results, though. The process of adding it has to be incorporated into other procedures that open up the cortex, such as color application, relaxers or perms. It can require several additional steps, based on the condition of the hair, but the results are worth it.

Repair Color Treated Hair

Cell Membrane Complex improves the depositing of color. For example, with Cell Membrane Complex, resistant gray hair that usually required permanent color can now achieve good coverage with semi-permanent color.  This is very exciting. The condition of the hair after color application is amazing – smooth and tangle free…like nothing we’ve experienced before. As an additive to your color application, it replenishes the liquid thus making your hair more than shine…. it sparkles!

Enhancing Relaxers and Perms

The same is true of relaxers and perms. Included in these texturizing procedures it is the replenishing quality of the protein liquids that helps deposit chemicals and nourishment to the layers of the cuticle. The hair is actually left in better condition than before!

Cell Membrane Complex penetrates into the moisture layer to hydrate hair. Restoring this vital liquid is a major breakthrough. This is the first time that we are actually going to the core of the hair to replenish what is missing and needed. Stay tuned for more breakthroughs…

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Yasmine Djerradine Shares Expert Skin Care Advice

Travel Beauty’s Exclusive Q & A with Yasmine Djerradine of Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté.

TB: What do you love most about what you do?

yasmine-djerradine-expert-skin-care-adviceYasmine: So many things…I love to take care of people. There is something intimate about caring for another’s skin. I like to customize each treatment.

People often call me and describe their skin over the phone and ask me to recommend a regimen for them. I always tell them that I need to see and touch their skin in order to understand their unique health and beauty needs.

TB: What is the single most important, best piece of skin care advice that you give your clients?

Yasmine: Please don’t overdo it! Your skin is an organ, and your body’s first line of defense against the elements. Many harsh procedures actually strip your skin of what it desperately needs to protect itself! Focus on cleansing and hydrating, and your skin will always be there to protect you.

Customization in skin care is also crucial. Everything has to be “sur mesure”, or made to order. Everyone ages differently and responds to the elements and pollution uniquely.

TB: If you had to recommend a few essential skin care products that you would encourage people to splurge on, what would they be?

Yasmine: Today people are living longer and so we need our youthful complexion to last indefinitely. It is more important than ever to take care of ourselves as we age. If you think about the adverse effects of collagen collapse, sun or wind damage, cancer, etc., all of these issues can be traced back to the various ways we have neglected our skin. We must utilize a serious moisturizer during the winter to protect ourselves from the cold and wind and the best sun protection when we are in the sun – basically all year round.

TB: What defining moment in your career had the strongest influence on you?

Yasmine: I have defining moments all the time! I am constantly discovering new products, working with new clients and experimenting with new treatment technologies. This is why, even after 30 years, I am still so passionate about skin care. It is my hope and vision for the future that each new experience will be insightful and exciting. I strive for every moment to be the next “aha” moment!

Read more about Yasmine on her Travel Beauty Expert Page.

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Summer Hair & Scalp Care: How to Protect Hair from Sun, Swimming & Humidity

summer hair and scalp care

The summer, although wonderful, can be a damaging time for hair. UV rays can burn your scalp and degrade the protein that your hair is made of, causing quite extensive weakening of strands and pre-mature ageing. Salt and chlorinated water, too, can draw moisture out of your hair’s cortex (the innermost part) and can even discolour lighter hair shades. Then you have frizz and flyaways triggered by fluctuating humidity levels. There is plenty you can do though to minimize such assaults by the elements.

Protect Hair While Swimming & in the Sun: Olympic Strength Protection

Back in 1984, during the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the manager of the U.S. Olympic synchronized swim team approached me about the state of his team’s hair; it was breaking, dry and discoloured from hours spent in chlorinated water. Understandably, they were quite distressed, so I promised I would formulate a waterproof, protective conditioning hair mask that they could wear in the pool whilst practicing. This is how my now award-winning and best-selling Swimcap came to be. And it not only protects your hair from chlorine, but salt water and UV rays too, making it the perfect accessory for summer days spent at the beach, doing sports, or by the pool. My wife swears by it, and in the Hamptons will never leave to play golf, or go to ‘poolates’, without it! It also stops the copper in pool water from reacting with your hair colour, thus preventing greenish hues – and leaves hair in better condition than it was beforehand.

Hair Products & Tips to Fight Humidity

As for the infamous summer humidity that plagues thousands of women (and men), there are two things you can do: Either work with it, and leave your hair to dry naturally with a ‘curl activation’ serum. My youngest daughter likes to scrunch it into damp hair, along with my Preen Cream, for what she calls the ‘beach kissed’ look. Alternatively, and perhaps a more popular method for the evening, apply both a smoothing cream and a weather-proof protective hair spray to set your desired style. I formulated one called Weatherproof Hairspray at the request of many exasperated New Yorkers in my New York Clinic. Both of these products discourage moisture absorption back into the hair shaft, and smooth the hair cuticle to add shine and lustre.

Protecting Hair from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

In addition to using my Swimcap, I also recommend using Daily Damage Defence for any day in summer when walking around outside to protect hair from UV rays and colour fade. It’s also a great de-tangler to use after a day at beach or sailing.

What About Volume?

My Maximizer is perfect for creating body and bounce in your style during the summer. It protects hair from UV colour fade, tames flyaways, and adds just enough hold so your volume stays-put throughout the day.

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The Best Skin Firming and Moisturizing Products for Summer

best skin firming products

After that humdinger of a winter we just suffered through, the Travel Beauty team feels more than ready to shed some layers. Unfortunately, upon baring some body, we noticed that certain areas were not quite, erm, suitable for public consumption just yet. So just in time for sandal and swimsuit season, we’ve added some exciting new luxury body care products from Heaven SkincareMio Skincare and Alchimie Forever.

Thigh Hopes Courtesy of Mio Skincare

It happens every June: The bathing suit moment of truth. We don our two-piece for the first time in near a year, stand in front of a full length mirror and take stock of all that’s out of whack. After trying not to bawl in our bikini, we grab our favorite body products and get to work.

For those areas we’d like to tighten and tone (upper arms, abdomen, bum and thighs), here are two new products we seriously love:

The dynamic duo of Mio Skincare’s Double Buff dual action enzyme exfoliator and The Activist Firming Body Oil  — both of which can be found in Mio’s Strong is the New Skinny Kit — is the perfect cellulite-pummeling one-two punch. You apply Double Buff on dry skin, which may seem a little odd for a body scrub, but actually makes the scrubbing action that much more effective. You can then rinse it off as soon as you get in the shower. We like to apply The Activist immediately after turning off the shower, while skin is still damp and warm. Once applied, we immediately see a firmer, smoother silhouette. The gel formula is great for summer too: it soaks in quickly, completely and weightlessly, so no heavy feeling on the skin in the hot, hot heat.

Another Natural Skin Firming Oil for Bikini Season

Heaven Skincare Firming & Stretchmark Oil is a luxe and lovely body oil that moisturizes and firms skin while breaking down cellulite and increasing collagen production. It is also chock full of anti-inflammatory, calming and healing ingredients (all organic!) to optimize overall skin health. It gives us gorgeous glowing nourished skin with reduced dimples and improved tone and elasticity. It also smells delicious.

If the summer usually means extra body breakouts for you, this oil is just the thing (we promise)!  This oil is formulated with several purifying organic essential oils such as cypress, juniper and lavender that help release toxins from the skin. Instead of aggravating any body breakouts, this oil is fabulous for clearing blackheads and blemishes. And not just the skin on your body: due to the organic, pure and high quality oils used, you can use this oil to clear blackheads and blemishes on the face as well.

Derriere Double Whammy

Personally, I like to mix either of these oils with a body lotion (Mio Skincare strikes again: The A Cream firming active body cream is our top choice) and knead that concoction into my skin with my knuckles. Yes, my knuckles. Cellulite is a tough mother. Give her a knuckle sandwich! Just be careful on your upper arms if you are pale; get too feisty and you may bruise. True story.

Let Us Give You A Hand With Your Hands And Feet

If only the summer shape-up stopped there! No, in addition to the wiggly bits, we’ve got elbows, knees and feet drier than our favorite Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. These dry patches are not only unsightly but also make self-tanner application nearly impossible.  We’re in need of a hard-working cream.

Nail Cream from Heaven Skincare

Heaven Skincare’s Black Label Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream has come to our rescue. Dubbed “a mini-manicure in a jar”, this this all-natural, paraben-free hand and nail cream stays (and works) on hands and nails for 4+ hours, even in water, nourishing skin and strengthening nails. It deeply moisturizes while also reducing the amount of oil on hands, making it safer to touch the face without transferring pore-clogging oils. This intensive treatment also exfoliates: It contains the finest grains of sand that work to soften and exfoliate rough elbows, knees, heels, etc. Don’t worry, it doesn’t feel like you dropped the jar while at the beach. The grains of sand are so fine as to be almost imperceptible…but the effects are not! The skin is left deeply moisturized, softened and perfected. As with Heaven’s Cellulite Oil, the high quality organic ingredients used make this cream safe to use on the face. This little tub of wonderful comes with us everywhere.

Dry Skin Balm from Alchimie Forever

As frequent travelers, we downright demand all products we use to multi-task in some way; to be packed in our dopp kit, you better be performing double or triple duty. So it is not lightly that we say Alchimie Forever’s Dry Skin Balm is a skin care overachiever. It replenishes moisture to soften and soothe chapped, irritated skin. The shea butter and jojoba seed oil condition and smooth out skin texture for a silky, comfortable feel. Watercress and vitamin E infuse skin with antioxidants to nourish, hydrate and protect against damaging free radicals, giving skin an overall healthy and youthful look.

Dry Skin Balm goes above and beyond that, though. It also reduces swelling, minimizes brown spots and has anti-aging effects. We use it on any and all rough patches: hands, elbows, knees, and heels. Great as a body moisturizer as well. It is also safe and effective on our kids’ skin to help soothe and heal the non-stop irritations that the summer months seem to bring.


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