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Monthly Archives : October 2014

How Complex Carbohydrates Can Create Simply Beautiful Hair

complex carbs for hair growth

This week, our blogs will be focusing on a more holistic approach to beauty; how to look and feel beautiful through nutrition, wellbeing and self-care. Many moons ago, Anabel Kingsley told us about the connection between nutrition and hair health. What we put inside our bodies has a direct effect on how our bodies look on the outside…we all know this by now. However, some foods that get a very bad rap may not be as evil as you’ve heard they are! We thought this is the perfect time to remind ourselves about the importance of complex carbohydrates, and the role they play in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.


Is Your Carb Guard Up?

Many people I know have a tempestuous relationship with carbohydrates. Some people’s eyes glaze over in reminiscent bliss. Others save their carb allowance for an indulgent Sunday, while a select few simply run away screaming. More often than not, there are wheels of debate turning. Bread or no bread? Salad or potatoes? Fast day or free day? Well, the reality is that your body – and ESPECIALLY your hair cells –  need carbohydrates to function.

Carbohydrates Are a Source of Energy

Carbohydrates provide you with energy, and as the 2nd fastest growing cells in your body, your hair cells need a lot of energy to grow (and keep growing). Hair is also a non-essential tissue, so your brain will never send nutrients its way if another part of your body is lacking. Carbohydrates also give your body the fuel to use proteins in cell repair and growth. Lack of dietary carbs can cause increased hair shedding and hair failing to grow past a certain length- as well as general tiredness.

All Carbs Are Not Created Equal

Now, I’m not suggesting you charge for the nearest cookie jar (which is fine in moderation). What I’m talking about is complex carbohydrates. These contain particular sugar molecules called polysaccharides, which provide a slow-release of energy to the body. They don’t give you that sugar high and the crash that often occurs after eating sweets (mono-saccharides). Great hair-healthy complex carbs include baked or boiled potatoes, rice, grains and whole-grain breads, cereals and pasta. What’s more, complex carbs not only provide energy, but depending on which one you choose also contain fiber, hair essential B vitamins and other important vitamins & minerals! Include a varied selection of complex carbs in your diet for maximum benefit.

Watch The Clock

Here at Philip Kingsley we suggest you also snack on a complex carb between meals if longer than 4 hrs passes. Energy to your hair cells drops after this time, which could lead to shedding. If you’re traveling, make sure you have a healthy complex carbohydrate snack on hand so you don’t cave in and eat candy at the airport.

Feed Your Scalp

While complex carbs will help hair growth from the inside out, don’t forget to help your hair from the outside in as well! For an added boost to your hair growth, try using our Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask once a week and our daily Scalp Toner.

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Travel Beauty’s Favorite Fall Shoes At International Playground

Travel Beauty brings you the best beauty and grooming products from around the globe – many of which you may have never heard of. Our friends at International Playground, hosts of our pop-up apothecary, are on a similar mission. They showcase a carefully curated collection of innovative brands from NYC and way beyond. It is the place to discover amazing designers you won’t find anywhere else. Some of our favorites that we’ve discovered are H. Fredriksson and Upstate…not to mention all the menswear we would totally steal from Soulland.

As we’ve set up shop in IP, we couldn’t help but spend some time oogling the fashion goodies. I believe I’ve assembled my perfect fall wardrobe about five times over in my mind!

It’s hard to pick just a few pieces to share here, so we narrowed it down to SHOES. Here are four of our favorite styles from the floor of International Playground. Love them as much as we do? Come grab a pair…and some beauty booty, too! International Playground’s gorgeous Soho store is at 463 Broome Street. Next Thursday, October 16 is our Insider Secrets to Ageless Skin event with NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta and facialist Shamara Bondaroff. This is your chance to get all your burning skinquiries answered. Hope to see you there!

Clockwise from top:

Helen Westbye Easy Derby Zip: Wear anywhere everyday boots with…an edge. $590

Stine Goya Titan Heels in Metallic Blue: The perfect pop of color to elevate any outfit. $398

Miista Cecelia Bootie: Wedges, our favorite way to gain a few inches without losing our balance. $378

Helen Westbye Dare Me Heels: Two Words: METALLIC. STILETTOS. That is all…and we’re all over them. $475

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Hairstyle Advice From Hair Guru, Ishi

hairstyle advice

Your Hair, Your Style

The difference between fashion and beauty is vast. Trends come and go. The search for new and exciting looks drives fashion. But our real issue is beauty. Looking beautiful, feeling beautiful. What makes you look and feel your best? Trends, if not detailed to fit your features, will not make you look your best. What looks great on someone else is not always what is best for you.  Their face, their hair and their attitude makes the look successful. Your face shape, your type of hair and your lifestyle all have to be kept in mind as you adapt a style for your best look – your individual beauty.  First, you have to accept who you are, what your hair type can do and how much time you can commit (and are willing to commit) to maintaining a style. These different factors dictate what is the best style for you.

Hair Length

Hair length is a good starting point. There are many choices of different lengths to flatter everyone. Never feel locked into only one length, thinking it is the only one for you. Your best personal style can be achieved in many different ways. It’s often the details within the style that either date a style or make it up to date. You could wear a style for years, but by updating the details you can keep it current, fresh and new. For example, if you love having bangs, you can make them longer, shorter, thicker, side-swept, etc., depending on what’s current.

There Are No Rules

Also, there are no rules that need to be followed. Sometimes the things that we are told will not be right are the most flattering on us! I often see people wear long hair as a security, without really thinking about how it makes them look. It’s about having all this hair…yet it’s pulled back most of the time without any thought of style. Why? The right shape would make their hair more than just “hair”…it would transform hair into a self-expression. The hair can still be kept long, but with the addition of the right details designed to fit their features, hair can become a person’s greatest asset (think Jennifer Aniston, whose hair always-impeccable has become a signature).

Take a Risk

Many have followed the trend toward short hair…some more successfully than others. Usually it’s unsuccessful because they followed the trend rather than getting a short cut detailed to perfectly fit them. Why? We see ourselves in our minds eye. We aren’t able to see the full three dimension of ourselves. This is where a great stylist (hair, makeup, clothing, etc.) comes in. You have to be open to allow for greatness; allow yourself to let go of your self-perceived limitations. “I could never go blond/short/long/[fill in the blank].” Everyone has unlimited choices they can make. Finding what is perfect takes time and the skilled eye of someone considering your specific features to bring out your beauty.


Like what Ishi has to say? See this hair guru in action this Wednesday from 6-8pm at the Travel Beauty pop-up apothecary!

International Playground! 463 Broome Street, NYC.

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