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Unique Host & Hostess Gifts For Your Summer Getaway

unique hostess gifts summer getaways

Labor Day Weekend: Summer’s last hurrah. Even if you’re a staunch urbanite, you’ll probably want to get out of dodge for these few days. If you don’t own your own weekend getaway, you may be jockeying now to secure yourself an invite to a friend’s beach or country house. Once you score that invite, it’s your job to make sure the same invitation is extended to you next year, and the year after, and the year after that. While no material item can take the place of proper houseguest etiquette, a thoughtful hostess gift is always sure to delight. A luxurious and thoughtful hostess gift is sure to keep you “on the list” for life.

What Does Such a Gift Look Like?

Well, a bottle (or three) of booze is nice, albeit trite. Here at Travel Beauty, we’ve had the pleasure of creating many different types of gifts for many different types of people, occasions, events, etc. Drawing on this experience, here are some unique gifts that have always been very well-received.

For The Host Who’s a Skin Care Snob

  • The Heaven Skincare Long Weekender Kit. Any product junkie will delight in this curated kit! We’ve chosen our favorite anti-aging products from Heaven Skincare’s Stratosphere line to create this comprehensive kit covering all skin care bases: there’s a cleanser, exfoliator, toner/serum, daily anti-aging moisturizer and, of course, the world famous Bee Venom Mask.
  • Cosmetics 27 SOS 27 Kit. The SOS Bio-Restructuring Cell Restoring Treatment is a complete anti-aging and skin repairing treatment kit that delivers. This anti-aging trio is ideal for those with sensitive, mature and/or dry skin. (Basically almost everyone!) Inside the chic white dopp kit, your host will find travel sizes of all the Cosmetics 27 cult-favorite products: Cleanser 27, a unique cleansing balm, Baume 27, a rich anti-aging moisturizer and Essence 27, a hydrating serum.

For The Host With Drool-worthy Bathrooms

  • Emma Hardie Luxury Superskin Face & Body Hamper. This is the ultimate head to toe Emma Hardie collection that is as gorgeous to look at as it is comprehensive. The Luxury Super Skin Face & Body Hamper has always received rave reviews from each and every recipient. This set has got it all. A mini Moringa Cleansing Balm (because no gift would be complete without this award-winning botanical beauty marvel), travel sizes of Age Support Face Cream, Night Cream, Body Cleanser, Body Lotion and the limited edition Hydra Body Oil. This set even comes with a multi-functional Body Buffing Cloth that can be used as a cleansing aid or to exfoliate dry areas of the body, helping to remove dead skin cells.
  • Compagnie de Provence My Travel Essentials Box Set. These bath and body care sets come with a travel shower gel, hand cream & body lotion from the legendary Compagnie de Provence. You can choose from two iconic scents, depending on which you believe your host would love best: Mediterranean Sea or Olive and Lavender.

For The Host Who’s Fabulously Fit

  • Mio Skincare kits. Is tagging along for a Tracy Anderson Method class a prerequisite for crashing at your host’s pad? Then you cannot go wrong with gifting one of our two Mio Skincare Kits: Strong Is The New Skinny Kit and Your Fit Skin For Life Kit. These sets are packed with smaller sizes of Mio Skincare’s multiple award winning skin smoothing, firming and toning products. Many of Mio’s products were created to work harmoniously with a workout regimen and healthy lifestyle. This is best in class body care any lady will absolutely LOVE.

For The Gorgeous Glamazon Hostess

  • MB York Paint by Numbers Kit. Will your host be taking you with her for a wild night out on the town? This is the gift for that gorgeous wild thing. Anyone can enhance her eyes thanks to these two eye shadow trios from M.B. York. Use the first row for a perfect daytime look and the second row for a shimmery evening eye. This set comes with three numbered eye shadow brushes to give you a precise and flawless application every time! These six shades are suitable and flattering for all skin tones and eye colors.

travel-beauty-shave-the-day-kitFor The Host…That’s Male

For The Impossible to Shop For Host

What about the person that must have a custom gift crafted just for her or him? Travel Beauty’s concierge is on call to create a marvelous made-to-order gift. Contact us at: 888-717-8790 or email:

Happy travels!

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) Super Saturday

ovarian cancer research fund super saturday shopping

Perhaps summer isn’t a busy shopping time for you…we get that. We like to spend our summer days swimming, sunning and sipping frozen cocktails (Strawberry Daiquiris with a Myer’s Rum Float is our particular summer treat). There is, however, one summer shopping event that we’re always happy to skip the beach for…and best of all, it’s for a good cause!

On Saturday, July 25th, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) is hosting its 18th annual Super Saturday. The event takes place in the heart of The Hamptons, on the lush grounds of Nova’s Ark Project in Water Mill, New York. Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan will co-host the event.

From Humble Beginnings

The first Super Saturday took place in 1998. It was held in the backyard of the late Liz Tilberis’ (former Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar) home in the Hamptons. She was the then-president of OCRF, and had been diagnosed with the disease herself. From these backyard beginnings, the event has evolved into a day-long, star-studded designer shopping extravaganza attended by over 2,000 people. In addition to 30 – 50% off premier designer brands, there is a kid’s carnival and a delicious catered lunch (and cocktails, of course). There are always fun “experience tents” as well – you can enjoy an Essie manicure, get a psychic reading and more!

OCRF-Super-Saturday-Shopping-in-the-hamptonsShop The Day Away

This is one of our favorite summer events. We come ready to stock up – the shopping is incredible! We’ve gotten the cutest back to school items for our kids and the chicest designer pieces for ourselves. Every year, the roster of designers changes, but past year’s sponsors included Ralph Lauren, Theory, Alice + Olivia, Helmut Lang, rag & bone, Vilebrequin, mBaby, Vince, Diane von Furstenberg and Versace…among many others.

As you can imagine, this late July all day event can feel more like Super Sticky Saturday. If you plan on attending, be sure to wear light, breathable clothing and plenty of sunblock. We also make sure to have a cooling skin mist, face/body wipes and a frizz-fighting hair product in our bag, to avoid the whole melting hairball look…there’s always a crowd of photographers snapping away.

Travel Beauty’s founding team has been involved with OCRF for the past 13 years. Ovarian Cancer is an important women’s issue that does not receive nearly enough attention. OCRF funds critical research on ovarian cancer which has led to earlier detection of the disease and will ultimately lead to a cure. All Super Saturday proceeds fund OCRF’s research initiatives.

We hope to see you there! To learn more about Super Saturday and to purchase tickets, visit OCRF’s website.

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GG Candles Chakra Energy Candles

gg candles chakra energy candles

Perhaps you’ve noticed…we now live in the world of candles with triple digit price tags. While these designer candles look and smell great, it seems slightly insane to take a flame to such a costly item. I was therefore elated when, a few years ago, my dear friend Isabel introduced me to GGCandles. Not only do these candles smell fantastic and last for months, but they also serve a higher purpose. Best of all, they do so for a fraction of the cost of those fancier candles. I spoke with Gilah Guroivtsch, creator of GGCandles, about her creative process and how to pick the perfect candle for you.

TB: You’re not only a skilled esthetician, but also a talented candlemaker. How did your skin care practice inspire you to create candles?

GG: I have been a practicing esthetician for almost two decades. I’m known for my signature facials that I created years ago that incorporate my healing arts into each treatment. All my treatments have always been customized for each individual – for the needs of the skin at that moment. As a single mother of two young girls, at times I found it very difficult to provide for them. This lead me to think out of the box with my business. One day I was in a treatment, and as always, burning a random candle. I was staring at the candlelight and thought, what if I made my own candles? I could start an all natural environmentally friendly line.

Chakra Energy Candles

I remember thinking how great it would be to create a chakra energy candle to support the individual energies of each client I was treating. After many sleepless nights and MANY pounds of soy wax, my candles began to come to life. After 4 years of non-stop work, I have created a collection of healing candles that include The Seven Chakras Series as well as a general line of seasonal and holiday candles. I began to use the candles while working on clients and it did not take long before my clients took a liking to them and started asking how they could buy them.

TB: How do you create the “recipes” for your healing formulas?

GG: My passion is in the healing candles. After many years of studying the seven chakra energies, it was very important to get the right fragrances to support the different energy points. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils and other aromatic compounds, for the purpose of altering one’s mood, cognitive, psychological and/or physical wellbeing. We have a multitude of senses. The five traditionally recognized are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Smell, the olfaction, is the only sense that goes straight to the brain. That’s why, in the most simplest way of explaining the aromatherapy, it has such an instant effect. A well-chosen energy candle can make a huge difference in how my clients are feeling during a treatment – or anywhere else for that matter. The chakra energies are referred to by name, color or number. GGCandles are all clearly labeled for each one.

TB: When choosing a candle, should people be guided by what they think they need or by what scent they are drawn to? For instance, I love the Abundance candle. Is this because I am searching for abundance in life?

GG: Everyday I am asked how to pick the right candle, or asked to pick the one I think is right for a client. I think that usually you are attracted to some fragrances more than others, and that is usually the chakra energy point where you need support. They are all designed for you to easily understand and learn about the chakras. You might not be in the mood for an ancient patchouli, but if your first chakra is in need of support, you might automatically be attracted to it. The Second Chakra Abundance Candle is one of the most popular as we all need support in our creative, emotional fulfillment, riches and balance departments. This support might make a big difference in all these different aspects. When you believe, it all happens. I always recommend choosing the candle that most appeals to you, whatever the name, color or fragrance. Once you learn more about the different energies and healing fragrances, you will know which one is for you.

TB: Any new candles you’re excited about and/or working on?

GG: As the light is shared, I’m inspired to create new candles. I’m happy to say that cold winter months are known to be the high season for candle burning. I am working on a new candle called Selfie that will be out for Valentines Day 2015. It is a candle meant to boost self-esteem and self-love that we so often seem to loose. The fragrances are going to support the different energy points to lift and bring you up.

After many years of hard work, today GGCandles are sold around the world. GGCandles are all natural soy, phthalate free and fragrance oil infused with essential oils. All our candles are white (no dyes), have a cotton wick and are hand poured to assure the highest quality.

To order these fabulous candles for yourself, visit Gilah’s website.

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Pre-event Personal Beauty Prep

pre event personal beauty prep

Once we booked the location for my daughter’s communion party, I immediately started making mental and physical to-do lists: menu, dessert table, flowers, balloons, entertainment, favors, etc. Also, as a woman who doesn’t mind getting dolled up every now and then (and whose opportunities to do so are virtually non-existent), I also started making a personal to-do list. As a working mom, I spend very little time on my personal upkeep, so when I have an event that I’d like to look good for, I am forced to confront all of the beauty appointments I’ve put off. As I feared, my pre-event beauty to-do list was soon longer than my waaaay overgrown bangs. To bring some levity to the situation, I decided to document all the beauty appointments I made to ensure I’d look “presentable” on the big day (and when I say “presentable”, I mean as Vogue cover-ready as I possibly can look).

Two Weeks Out

  • Highlights & Bang Trim: In theory I could have done this a week before the event, but then I would have had to go about my life until then with my hair “as is”, and it was in such a state that waiting until then was not an option. Besides, my bangs always look their best when they’ve had time to settle a bit post-trim.
  • Research Manicure Designs: I had this idea to do a “negative space” french manicure, so I took some screenshots of cool ideas. Thanks, Instagram, for the endless inspo!

One Week Out

  • Body Scrub: Though I am always well-exfoliated, I take special care before an event. I did the first scrub one week out, then another a day before my spray tan (see below). This scrubbing includes using my Diamancel Foot File on heels almost every day.
  • Face Scrub: Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads every day on face for the week leading up to the event. They are the best when you can’t get a pro peel!

Four Days Out

  • Waxing: I wasn’t planning on wearing a bikini on the big day; this was really in preparation for my spray tan later in the week…going in naked is your best bet. If you think tan lines are bad, spray tan lines from the disposable panties they will give you to wear are just pitiful!
  • Purchase Ensemble: I know, I know…this is down to the wire. I don’t usually procrastinate, though. As much as I love having new clothes, I HATE shopping. I try to buy as much of my wardrobe as possible on line. However, a party dress/outfit was something I needed to try – and get feedback – on. Luckily, my bestie John owns International Playground and played stylist for me. We’ve done this many times before for other events and it’s always been a success. I highly recommend IP for your special event shopping.

Three Days Out

  • Hair Mask: Doing at least one at-home Philip Kingsley Elasticizer hair treatment is a must, especially if the weather forecast is FRIZZ.
  • Microcurrent Facial at SB Skin: Perfect for dewy, firm, smooth skin. Accentuates my bone structure in a way no blush, bronzer or contouring ever could.

Two Days Out

  • Colonic: Nothing makes my skin glow like colonics and kickboxing. Also, I planned on eating a LOT of delicious red meat at the party, so a pre-party detox was a good idea.

Day Before

  • Another at-home body scrub, in preparation for…
  • Spray Tan: Perhaps this is not a pre-event necessity for everyone. My legs are so pale, however, that people would have called Ghost Hunters on me without it. It is also the healthiest and easiest way to “lose” five pounds in 15 minutes.
  • Nails: A pre-event given, right? What gal doesn’t get a mani/pedi before a party? My daughter and I went together, the night before, for a little girl time.
  • Blowout: Since my whirlwind day started EARLY in the morning, I had to do my and my daughter’s blowouts the night before. Though I kept it simple and straight, I wanted that extra polish that comes from a professional blow dry/flat iron. And as I’ve said before, I don’t even own a hair dryer!
  • Mini Touchup Facial with SB Skin: The results when you do cluster two treatments close together are remarkable! The second facial was half the time – just going over my facial contours.

And…that’s it!

What do you think? Too much? Too little? What is your prep routine for a hosting a major party or event?

P.S. Alyssa thinks I’m nuts.

By: Claire McCormack, Twitter & Instagram: @clairemcmack

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Oscar Night with M.B. York

oscar night mb york

My Oscar Night Adventure

One of my favorite Oscar experiences is when, a few years back, I decided to splurge on a room at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Oscar night. The limos were lined up in the valet area and around the block starting at around noon. The nominees and their beauty entourages were coming in and out of the hotel and pictures were being snapped by their very own “Mamarazzi”. Yes, huge celebs often have their mothers follow them around taking pictures.

The private party in the Four Seasons Lounge was pretty relaxed. There were huge projector screens playing the award show. It was on a delay, and as celebs like Morgan Freeman were being nominated on the screen, they were walking into the bar and celebrating! It was surreal to say the least, and so much fun to watch the celebs celebrating their wins in the relaxed bar atmosphere.

A Surprise Guest

My assistant and I ended up sharing a table with a designer and his two assistants. I sat next to him and he was so excited as women he dressed came out on the stage, including Hillary Swank. This designer had also spent a lot of time in Scottsdale, and we talked about his favorite places to stay there. I was very excited for him and assumed he was an up and coming new designer, since he seemed so genuinely excited to see the nominees wearing his designs. We all had a blast…including checking out Johnny Depp who was hanging out on the outside patio.

The Mystery Man…Revealed!

When I went to bed around midnight, I gazed out of my hotel room window and watched as limo after limo drove past. The next morning, we turned on E! News to get the post-show scoop and I said to my assistant, “We need to see who that designer was we were sitting next to”. Turns out it was Calvin Klein! Talk about wanting to kick myself. He even introduced himself as Calvin but it never clicked! He looked nothing like he did in the pictures I had seen, including the cover of his autobiography which I was reading and was on my bedside table! He was also so unassuming and sweet, you would have never thought you were sitting next to a fashion icon.

The Excitement of Awards Season

Having done lots of celebrity gifting suites leading up to the Oscars, I can say that it is such a privilege to personally show the nominees my products and how they work. With very few exceptions, they are so gracious about taking photos with my Beauty Ammo Kit or Rock Your Tube dress. They give me their full attention, and you can tell they are blissfully soaking up every minute of the dream come true of being nominated for an Oscar.

My Turn on the Red Carpet

Today, I am putting the final polish on my screenplay, “Survival of the Prettiest”, in which my Beauty Ammo Kit saves the world with my vegetarian message. I look forward to the year my limo rolls up to the red carpet and my screenplay is nominated.  Like my night at the Four Seasons hanging out with Calvin, all I can say is, “Life is but a dream”.

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