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Free shipping with code FREESHIP | Free Travel Beauty Bag with Purchase of $200 | Free Samples with Every Order

Interview With Julie Macklowe Of vbeauté

vbeaute Julie Macklowe interview

As a New York City based, women-run company, we are particularly taken with our fellow female entrepreneurs. Each has a unique career trajectory that, in many cases, includes balancing a job, family and much, much more. Recently we caught up with Julie Macklowe, Founder and CEO of vbeauté.

Where Did The Idea For vbeauté Originate? How Has It Evolved?

JM: They say necessity is the mother of invention and I’d agree. The truth is that before vbeauté, I was never really satisfied with any of the products I was using. I found myself constantly searching for more effective skincare that would be safe for my sensitive skin. The intention to create my own skincare line came when I broke out in a severe rash from an expensive hydrating face cream, purchased when my toiletries were confiscated by airport security on a trip to Europe. I saw an opportunity in the marketplace for an anti-aging skincare line that would work for all skin types. So, I did what any tenacious socialite would do and partnered with one of Switzerland’s leading skincare research labs (CRB), to develop a line of powerful, bio-botanical age-delaying products, infused with our revolutionary vComplex that’s safe for all skin types. In 2014, I launched a partnership with Home Shopping Network (HSN) to sell vbeauté exclusively on HSN along with a few select boutiques. After our first year on HSN, we have become one of the fastest growing beauty brands on television.

What Was Your Background Prior to Launching vbeauté?

JM: Believe it or not, before vbeauté I was managing a 250 million dollar hedge fund and investing in start-ups like Following the birth of my daughter in 2007, I knew instinctually that I wanted to make a living empowering as many women as I could, and since launching vbeauté in 2011, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Funnya large part of my success in finance was learning to grow a tough skin and now I’m in the business of making women more confident in theirs.

What Differentiates vbeauté From Other Skin Care Lines?

JM: What sets vbeauté apart from other anti-age skin care products is our unparalleled vComplex, the key formula found in every vbeauté product. This extraordinary vComplex is a scientifically formulated, potent cellular concentrate, infusing a power-plant cocktail of exquisite bio botanical age-delaying properties extracted from Switzerland’s natural resources. By harnessing rare ingredients like Bio Cellular Peptides and stem cells from the Alpine Rose (a flower so miraculous it lives one hundred years withstanding the harsh climates of the Swiss Alps) our scientists are now able to preserve and protect human skin cells from environmental stress factors believed to cause premature aging, at a price point everyone can afford.

What Was The Most Significant Unforeseen Obstacle You Encountered Along The Way?

JM: Every obstacle feels unforeseen when you’re starting a business, especially when you’re new to an industry like beauty and skincare. We’d be here for day if I wrote them all down. What I will say is that going into business knowing that it’s a process and that every obstacle is a chance to learn and grow is the only way to persevere and keep breaking ground. Most people give up right before they’re about to make it.

To What Do You Attribute Your Success?

JM: Passion. Without it, you have no chance. The key to success is fueling action with passion. If you’re passionate about something you’re half way there.

What Advice Do You Have on Balancing Career, Family and Life?

JM: Whiskey. (And a lot of patience.)

Are There Beauty Finds You Have Discovered Overseas That You Stock Up On While Traveling?

JM: Is chocolate considered a beauty find?

What Beauty Products Can’t You Live Without, Especially When Traveling?

JM: Honestly speaking, I take all of my vbeauté products with me when I travel but if I had to choose three they would be…Our Eye Never Anti Aging Eye Cream. It’s like an eye lift in a jar, seriously. Undercover Agent Anti Wrinkle Serum, it’s a youth infusing botanical power plant cocktail for my thirsty skin. Lite Up Skin Lightening Serum, it brightens and evens my skin tone giving me a luminous, refreshed complexion.

By: Alyssa Barrie Weiss, Twitter: @AlyssaBarrie

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