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Free shipping with code FREESHIP | Free Travel Beauty Bag with Purchase of $200 | Free Samples with Every Order

SB Skin’s Tips To Survive Mercury Retrograde

tips for this mercury retrograde from SB skin

This cluster of upsetting deaths right at the beginning of the year had me—and many other people I know—wondering what the HECK was going on?! Is it something we said?? Well, if you follow astrology, you’ll know that on January 5th, Mercury entered a Retrograde period. Those of you that DO NOT follow astrology may balk at the whole idea of “Mercury Retrograde”, thinking it woo-woo and silly. But as this is based on actual planetary movement, you may want to suspend judgement and consider the idea. As Mercury is the planet that rules all types of communications from listening to leases, Mercury Retrograde periods are notorious for throwing big ole wrenches into every area of our lives. Luckily, our skin-whispering sister, Shamara Bondaroff of SB Skin, has some sage advice for getting through this period relatively unscathed.


You might have noticed…things are all f**ked up. A possible culprit? Mercury is in Retrograde till January 25th. Mercury Retrograde is the one time in the planetary cycle that affects us all fairly uniformly—no one is safe—even if we feel it at different times. I felt it right away on January 5th, when I spilled a protein shake on my computer. My poor Macbook got an unwanted vegan chocolate peanut butter bath.

Whether you’re creating physical messes like me, discord within your relationships or turmoil at work, know that you are not alone. Here are some SB Skin Tips to surviving this period:

  1. Cut people some slack. Give others the benefit of the doubt & try not to take anything too personally.
  2. Don’t make a deal. Save agreements/contracts for after the 25th—seriously. This is a time of major miscommunication, so better to avoid putting yourself in a potentially toxic (potentially long term) situation.
  3. Surround yourself with love. Get together with old friends and family as often as possible.
  4. Be open to new things. Make the most of what’s happening by allowing Mercury to nudge you in unusual directions that you might not have considered otherwise.
  5. Slow down. Take care of yourself! Indulge in a long hot bath, massage or manicure…or all of the above. Of course, this is a perfect time to book a face and body appointment with me ;-).

I hope my advice helps make this crazy time a little easier for you. Expect some more tips from me soon!

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