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Free shipping with code FREESHIP | Free Travel Beauty Bag with Purchase of $200 | Free Samples with Every Order

Summer Hair & Scalp Care: How to Protect Hair from Sun, Swimming & Humidity

summer hair and scalp care

The summer, although wonderful, can be a damaging time for hair. UV rays can burn your scalp and degrade the protein that your hair is made of, causing quite extensive weakening of strands and pre-mature ageing. Salt and chlorinated water, too, can draw moisture out of your hair’s cortex (the innermost part) and can even discolour lighter hair shades. Then you have frizz and flyaways triggered by fluctuating humidity levels. There is plenty you can do though to minimize such assaults by the elements.

Protect Hair While Swimming & in the Sun: Olympic Strength Protection

Back in 1984, during the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the manager of the U.S. Olympic synchronized swim team approached me about the state of his team’s hair; it was breaking, dry and discoloured from hours spent in chlorinated water. Understandably, they were quite distressed, so I promised I would formulate a waterproof, protective conditioning hair mask that they could wear in the pool whilst practicing. This is how my now award-winning and best-selling Swimcap came to be. And it not only protects your hair from chlorine, but salt water and UV rays too, making it the perfect accessory for summer days spent at the beach, doing sports, or by the pool. My wife swears by it, and in the Hamptons will never leave to play golf, or go to ‘poolates’, without it! It also stops the copper in pool water from reacting with your hair colour, thus preventing greenish hues – and leaves hair in better condition than it was beforehand.

Hair Products & Tips to Fight Humidity

As for the infamous summer humidity that plagues thousands of women (and men), there are two things you can do: Either work with it, and leave your hair to dry naturally with a ‘curl activation’ serum. My youngest daughter likes to scrunch it into damp hair, along with my Preen Cream, for what she calls the ‘beach kissed’ look. Alternatively, and perhaps a more popular method for the evening, apply both a smoothing cream and a weather-proof protective hair spray to set your desired style. I formulated one called Weatherproof Hairspray at the request of many exasperated New Yorkers in my New York Clinic. Both of these products discourage moisture absorption back into the hair shaft, and smooth the hair cuticle to add shine and lustre.

Protecting Hair from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

In addition to using my Swimcap, I also recommend using Daily Damage Defence for any day in summer when walking around outside to protect hair from UV rays and colour fade. It’s also a great de-tangler to use after a day at beach or sailing.

What About Volume?

My Maximizer is perfect for creating body and bounce in your style during the summer. It protects hair from UV colour fade, tames flyaways, and adds just enough hold so your volume stays-put throughout the day.

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