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Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is not the time to relax on maintaining your hair. Each season has it’s environmental challenges that affect your hair and hair care regimen. Caretrico’s shampoos Type H for thick hair or Type S for fine hair were developed for those hair type needs.

Shampoos Aren’t Just For Cleaning

They’ve been developed to benefit the hair types they were developed for. Allow products a minute or two to work before rinsing. Outdoor summer activities probably make you feel the need to shampoo more often. Keep shampooing to a minimum but rinse and condition as often as needed.

S-HEART-S Shampoo Brush

Helps to thoroughly clean your scalp and hair. The ball tips penetrate to your scalp to massage and stimulate while the hair strands slide through the bristles distributing the shampoo or conditioner along the hair shaft. One shampooing should be enough unless you’ve been involved a hot & dusty activity.

Swimming Pool Chemicals Bond with Hair

They build up on the hair making it look dull and dry. Mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and use this to rinse after shampooing. The vinegar works as a clarifier to strip the chemicals. Then when you condition or use a treatment such as Caretrico’s Treatment Slim Through, which adds moisture, or Treatment Moist Sleek, light weight to maintain volume, mist a little Vine Care Water in and brush through to drive in the treatment. Care Water is negative ion water with a 12.5ph. It is 170 times more absorbent than plain water. For best results leave the treatment on your hair 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing.

Styling Is Where You Can Be More Relaxed During Summer

Let your hair dry naturally. Constant blow drying and flat ironing takes out the needed moisture, and who wants more hot air to deal with during August? If you want some definition to your natural style movement add a little styling aid and scrunch your hair to support the natural movement.

Some of Our Favorite Styling Aids

  • Arimino Aqua Moisture: This silicone-based hair hero provides serious assistance to moisture-lacking locks.
  • Arimino Bamboo Moisture Veil and Caretrico After Treatment Enrich Milk are both leave-in conditioner/styling products with creamy, serum like textures. After Treatment Enrich Milk combines hyaluronic acid and rose hip oil to strengthen and moisturize hair. It adds moisture and sheen to dry hair without compromising volume. Hair remains manageable and soft all day long, and the subtle scent of roses smells divine! STRENGTHENING THE ELASTICITY AND BOOSTS SOFTNESS IN EACH STRAND OF HAIR. Grace Blue is customized for clients whose hair is dealing with change from causes such as age, stress, medication and change in diet to name a few. Clients will feel the restored health in their hair, an improved texture that they remember once having. Bamboo Moisture Veil gives a bit more hold and helps to fight frizz caused by humidity.

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