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Hairstyle Advice From Hair Guru, Ishi

Your Hair, Your Style

The difference between fashion and beauty is vast. Trends come and go. The search for new and exciting looks drives fashion. But our real issue is beauty. Looking beautiful, feeling beautiful. What makes you look and feel your best? Trends, if not detailed to fit your features, will not make you look your best. What looks great on someone else is not always what is best for you.  Their face, their hair and their attitude makes the look successful. Your face shape, your type of hair and your lifestyle all have to be kept in mind as you adapt a style for your best look – your individual beauty.  First, you have to accept who you are, what your hair type can do and how much time you can commit (and are willing to commit) to maintaining a style. These different factors dictate what is the best style for you.

Hair Length

Hair length is a good starting point. There are many choices of different lengths to flatter everyone. Never feel locked into only one length, thinking it is the only one for you. Your best personal style can be achieved in many different ways. It’s often the details within the style that either date a style or make it up to date. You could wear a style for years, but by updating the details you can keep it current, fresh and new. For example, if you love having bangs, you can make them longer, shorter, thicker, side-swept, etc., depending on what’s current.

There Are No Rules

Also, there are no rules that need to be followed. Sometimes the things that we are told will not be right are the most flattering on us! I often see people wear long hair as a security, without really thinking about how it makes them look. It’s about having all this hair…yet it’s pulled back most of the time without any thought of style. Why? The right shape would make their hair more than just “hair”…it would transform hair into a self-expression. The hair can still be kept long, but with the addition of the right details designed to fit their features, hair can become a person’s greatest asset (think Jennifer Aniston, whose hair always-impeccable has become a signature).

Take a Risk

Many have followed the trend toward short hair…some more successfully than others. Usually it’s unsuccessful because they followed the trend rather than getting a short cut detailed to perfectly fit them. Why? We see ourselves in our minds eye. We aren’t able to see the full three dimension of ourselves. This is where a great stylist (hair, makeup, clothing, etc.) comes in. You have to be open to allow for greatness; allow yourself to let go of your self-perceived limitations. “I could never go blond/short/long/[fill in the blank].” Everyone has unlimited choices they can make. Finding what is perfect takes time and the skilled eye of someone considering your specific features to bring out your beauty.


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