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Summer Hair & Scalp Care: How to Protect Hair from Sun, Swimming & Humidity

The summer, although wonderful, can be a damaging time for hair. UV rays can burn your scalp and degrade the protein that your hair is made of, causing quite extensive weakening of strands and pre-mature ageing. Salt and chlorinated water, too, can draw moisture out of your hair’s cortex (the innermost part) and can even discolour lighter hair shades. Then you have frizz and flyaways triggered by fluctuating humidity levels. There is plenty you can do though to minimize such assaults by the elements.

Protect Hair While Swimming & in the Sun: Olympic Strength Protection

Back in 1984, during the Los Angeles Olympic Games, the manager of the U.S. Olympic synchronized swim team approached me about the state of his team’s hair; it was breaking, dry and discoloured from hours spent in chlorinated water. Understandably, they were quite distressed, so I promised I would formulate a waterproof, protective conditioning hair mask that they could wear in the pool whilst practicing. This is how my now award-winning and best-selling Swimcap came to be. And it not only protects your hair from chlorine, but salt water and UV rays too, making it the perfect accessory for summer days spent at the beach, doing sports, or by the pool. My wife swears by it, and in the Hamptons will never leave to play golf, or go to ‘poolates’, without it! It also stops the copper in pool water from reacting with your hair colour, thus preventing greenish hues – and leaves hair in better condition than it was beforehand.

Hair Products & Tips to Fight Humidity

As for the infamous summer humidity that plagues thousands of women (and men), there are two things you can do: Either work with it, and leave your hair to dry naturally with a ‘curl activation’ serum. My youngest daughter likes to scrunch it into damp hair, along with my Preen Cream, for what she calls the ‘beach kissed’ look. Alternatively, and perhaps a more popular method for the evening, apply both a smoothing cream and a weather-proof protective hair spray to set your desired style. I formulated one called Weatherproof Hairspray at the request of many exasperated New Yorkers in my New York Clinic. Both of these products discourage moisture absorption back into the hair shaft, and smooth the hair cuticle to add shine and lustre.

Protecting Hair from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

In addition to using my Swimcap, I also recommend using Daily Damage Defence for any day in summer when walking around outside to protect hair from UV rays and colour fade. It’s also a great de-tangler to use after a day at beach or sailing.

What About Volume?

My Maximizer is perfect for creating body and bounce in your style during the summer. It protects hair from UV colour fade, tames flyaways, and adds just enough hold so your volume stays-put throughout the day.

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Expert Spring Hair Care Tools & Tips

Put the Spring Back in Your Hair

If you find your locks slightly ravaged after the winter months, you are not alone! My hair definitely needs some revamping after being subjected to numerous assaults by wind, snow, central heating, processed comfort foods and hurried morning high-heat drying. And let’s not forget the rather too many and too large glasses of warming wine- a common scalp offender. Here are my top tips for restoring bounce to your hair this spring.

Trim Time!

After this winter, chances are your hair is in need of a good trim. Split-ends, brittle fringes and lacklustre roots are never in vogue – and perhaps you’ve taken less trips to your hairdresser than usual in the colder weather? Again, I am guilty of this too. Trimming your hair will make it look thicker throughout the lengths and also prevent any damage from spreading further up your hair shaft. You don’t have to chop loads off – just an inch or so to even it out and freshen it up. If you’re looking to grow your hair longer throughout the spring and into summer, help keep your ends healthy with a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment. I sleep with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer in my hair at least once a week. Originally formulated for Audrey Hepburn, it really helps to restore hydration, shine and strength.

Vitamin D Delight

It’s extremely common for your body’s Vitamin D levels to drop during the winter and this can really take a toll on hair health – not to mention your skin and general energy level. 80-90% of your Vitamin D intake needs to be synthesised from sunlight. You may want to visit your doctor to run blood tests to check your levels – and while he/she is at it, suggest running a full blood profile to look at your iron, ferritin (stored iron) and Vitamins B6 and B12, too. The best Vitamin D rich foods are oily fish, egg yolks, avocado and liver, but sitting in the sun is really your best option! Which brings me to my next point…

White Hats On

The sun can be both beneficial and detrimental to our wellbeing. While it provides us with much needed Vitamin D, it can also lead to very destructive free radical damage. Luckily, you still obtain Vitamin D benefits from the sun while wearing sun protection. The same logic applies to your hair, which, just like your skin, can burn and become damaged. I always carry a tube of Philip Kingsley Swimcap, which was originally formulated for the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team, with me in warm weather. It not only guards hair against the sun, but also chlorinated and salt water and gives your hair a super-moisturizing treatment at the same time. Alternately, bring your wide-brimmed white summer hats out of hibernation.

Dietary Dos

If you, like me, have found yourself reaching for convenient foods during the winter, spring is a great time to make a change. Fast and processed foods have very little nutritional benefit, as additives and preservatives degrade the vitamins and minerals within them. Plan a weekly trip to your local farmers market to take advantage of the new fresh foods coming into season. Artichokes, for instance, are high in antioxidants, potassium, folate, Vitamins C and K, and fibre. Fresh spinach is another hair booster, containing good amounts of iron as well as Vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the iron.

Go Dry

It’s all too easy to reach for an extra glass of red wine, or a warming spirit during the winter. Now that spring is in full bloom, make a concerted effort to cut your alcohol consumption and revitalise your body. A tipple here and there is fine, but drinking too much alcohol tends to dehydrate your scalp and flare-up itching and flaking. It can also deplete your body of electrolytes and vitamins. Either find a signature non-alcoholic cocktail (my favourite is lemon juice, elderflower, fresh mint, sugar syrup and soda water), or make your order a spritzer and keep it to one or two!

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Beach & Summer Hair Care Products & Styles to Keep Your Locks Looking Lovely

Nothing is better than the warm sun and fresh air after you’ve been trapped inside avoiding the extreme cold that we’ve experienced this winter. While there’s no need for all the layers of clothing on the beach, you do have to layer product to protect your hair. If you don’t, intense sun and salt water will dry your hair out.

Going to the Beach Should be Glamorous

Beyond big sunglasses, think updo or bun for longer hair, slicked back for short hair. Wet your hair and spray it with Vine Minus Ion Care Water, it works as a driver for other products, depositing them into the hair shaft. Coat your hair with conditioner like, Caretico Moist Bounce Treatment then layer it with Arimino Aqua Moisture. The silicone based Aqua Moisture acts as a sealer, locking in the treatment and keeping your hair from wicking up the salt water. S-Heart-S Scalp Brush Mini is perfect for applying products and is designed not to stress the hair, even when it’s wet. For short hair, just brush it neatly back, with or without a part. For longer hair, twist it into a chic bun after brushing.

Try Braids

You can also make braids and wrap them around your head for a more exotic look. All sorts of fun looks are possible with braids. It’s a good time to experiment with creating new styles that you can incorporate into your life back home. If you just have to have your hair blowing in the breeze…wear a hat or cap. Keeping the sun’s rays off your hair helps keep it in good condition.

Use a Gentle Shampoo

There’s little need to shampoo on a daily basis. If cleansing is needed use a gentle shampoo- Caretrico Moisture Bounce Shampoo is a really good choice. It nourishes without weighing your hair down. Use conditioner or treatment only daily. Oils work as cleaners too. Then, rinse, rinse, rinse.

Give Blow Dryers and Curling Irons a Rest

Give your hair a break from blow dryers and curling irons…let it dry naturally. Work the smallest amount of Aqua Moisture in your hands and lightly touch it throughout your hair, starting at the ends. It adds shine and tames any unruly hair.

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