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Best Hair Routines for the Holiday Season

With holiday party season just around the corner, you may already be planning how to navigate through your jam-packed schedules and post-work event wardrobe. I know I certainly am! While wearing our favourite dress or something shiny and new may give us a confidence boost, nothing quite lifts the mood like great hair. Here are my top tips to getting your locks in great shape for the winter – whatever your hair texture.

Fine Hair Full of Body

For those with fine hair, bounce coupled with plenty of root volume is a most-wished for style. To achieve this look, shampoo and condition your hair with Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo plumps your strands and adds texture, while the lightweight conditioner increases shine and provides just the right amount of moisture without weight. After towel-drying, apply a small amount of Philip Kingsley Preen Cream through your mid-lengths and ends and then spray Maximizer into your roots. The trick to achieving maximum body is to blow dry gently at the root area against the direction in which your hair grows. Finish off by blow-drying your hair upside down for even more oomph. If your hair is fine and slightly dry or processed, use a pre-shampoo conditioner (Elasticizer) once every other week to restore hydration. If very damaged, this should be done once weekly.

Magnificent Medium Hair

Medium textured hair benefits from products that balance the needs of both the roots and dryer ends. Medium processed hair also tends to get dry quickly, so this should be addressed as well for best results! I recommend using a pre-shampoo conditioner (Elasticizer) once a week and shampooing with Philip Kingsley Soft & Shiny Jet Set. If your hair is medium textured and curly, detangling, heat-protective conditioning sprays like Daily Damage Defence will help to minimize breakage and shield your hair from environmental damage (think wind, cold climates and free radicals!) To avoid the dreaded frizz, use products that discourage the absorption of moisture back into the hair shaft. They will be labelled appropriately, but make sure silicone is not one of the first 2 ingredients listed on the back as these can dry your hair out.

Smooth & Shiny Coarse Hair

Thick coarse hair tends to get quite unmanageable, especially in the winter. To achieve a smooth and shiny style, apply Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme 20 minutes to an hour before washing your hair. Use this once a week to really improve manageability and condition, and twice a week if your hair is in real need of some TLC. Follow with Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and then apply Philip Kingsley Smooth Cream to towel dried hair over your mid-lengths and ends. These products are specifically formulated for coarse hair, helping to hydrate each strand, reduce frizz, and also close the cuticle for lasting shine.

Soothe The Scalp

Flaky/itchy scalps are more common in the winter. This can be due to everything from central heating, heightened stress levels, eating dairy rich foods, increased alcohol consumption and washing the hair less frequently. Dandruff isn’t only uncomfortable, but research has shown that it can cause hair loss. To reduce its occurrence, or calm existing irritation, wash with an anti-microbial shampoo and then follow by daily use of a soothing scalp toner. Philip Kingsley Take Comfort Jet Set is a great little kit you can use as needed. If you are prone to dandruff, you should also avoid spicy foods, white wine, champagne and full fat diary, as these can all trigger and worsen it.

Embrace The Turkey

Hair grows its best when supported by a healthy diet rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and complex carbohydrates – and luckily this season’s foods pack quite the vitamin punch! Turkey is an excellent source of lean protein, the building block of hair. Stews, roasts and beetroot provide the follicle with essential iron needed for hair cell division. Finally, sweet potato is a fabulous way to up your intake of Vitamins C, A, various B vitamins and fibre! Party nibbles such as nuts, devilled eggs and smoked salmon canapés are also great hair boosters – and as energy to form hair cells drops 4 hours after eating a meal, make sure to grab a few if it has been a few hours since you’ve last eaten.

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How To Grow Longer, Healthier Hair

I attended Salon International in London this weekend, and a predominant question I received from women was “why won’t my hair grow?” This wasn’t entirely surprising as long locks are highly coveted, but the lack of knowledge regarding what might be causing lackluster lock growth was quite eye opening! If you are one of the many women who have this question, it’s important to realise that your hair is, in fact, growing, even if it seems to be staying the same length. What is also happening is that it’s either falling out or breaking before it reaches the point you want it to.

Firstly, how long your hair is able to grow is largely down to the genetic card you were dealt. On average, hair can sustain growth for 4 years, although in some it can be as much as 7. As hair grows on average half an inch a month, this means that most people’s hair growth cycle allows for hair to reach around 24 inches in length, which is actually pretty long! While there’s nothing you can do to change your pre-determined growth cycle, there are definitely things that can disrupt it – and therefore various methods of optimising the potential of your tresses.


Hair is non-essential tissue so it’s given last dibs on the nutrients you intake. Cut out any food group and your follicles basically throw in the towel on supporting growth. Diets lacking iron, protein, Vitamin B12 and complex carbohydrates are most commonly to blame, so check that you are in-taking enough of these. Also, make sure that if there is a big gap between meals to snack on a healthy carbohydrate, such as fresh fruit. Energy levels to your follicles drop 4 hours after eating, so they often need a boost!


Hair that is overly processed and lacks moisture will break – and breakage equals loss of length. Depending on the level of damage, this breakage could occur anywhere from a few inches from your scalp to just past your shoulders. In this instance, you need to restore elasticity to your locks to help it reach the desired length. Use a pre-shampoo conditioner, such as Philip Kingsley Elasticizer twice weekly, and a protective conditioning spray, such as Daily Damage Defence, every day. Also, try to keep the use of straighteners to a minimum and ask your colourist to be especially careful not to overlap previous applications.


Conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can shorten the duration of your hair growth cycle, as well as increased hair loss, and hair not seeming to grow. Other symptoms can include acne, oily skin, increased facial hair, weight gain and tiredness. Get a yearly medical to check your hormone levels – there are very effective prescription medications to manage imbalances. Similarly, some birth control pills can have this effect if your follicles are sensitive to certain hormones. If you notice your hair is falling out or thinning at the ends 6-12 weeks after starting the pill, talk to your doctor. As a general rule, Yasmin and Dianette are the most ‘hair friendly’ out of all the pills – and are sometimes even used to treat hair thinning.


A healthy scalp optimises healthy hair growth! If you notice your scalp is itchy or flaky, use products that will promptly nip it in the bud and revitalise your scalp environment. I suggest our Take Comfort Jet Set, which contains a soothing scalp toner, a highly effective shampoo and a moisture balancing conditioner.

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