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Our Hairoes Hair Care Kit

Do you ever feel better than you do when your hair looks fabulous? All seems right in the world when all looks good on our heads. Unfortunately, short of seeking professional help, having our hair consistently look fabulous can be a crap shoot. Until now! The products in this kit can turn any mane into a masterpiece. At Travel Beauty, we have taken a stab at putting together a hair care kit filled with off the beaten path products that we’ve found work wonders for most. This collection of hair heroes (a term coined by Philip Kingsley) have become Our Hair-oes. We hope that they will be yours as well.

Let’s take Our Hair Care Collection From the Top…of Your Head

We start with shampoo, of course. Humid weather can cause even the sleekest hair to frizz up. Though we usually rely on styling and finishing products to defrizz, you can start the job with the proper shampoo. Caretrico Moist Bounce Shampoo contains an amino acid that actually rebuilds the hair’s ability to retain water. Greater water retention means smoother, silkier, shinier hair…less frizz, less fuzz. This shampoo is an absolute lifesaver for anyone who highlights his or her hair.

Under One Conditioner

Philip Kingsley’s award-winning Elasticizer deserves all the accolades it’s received over the years. We love it so because it is as versatile as it is effective. Though it was created as the world’s first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, Elasticizer can be used pre-shampoo (for fine hair), post-shampoo or as a leave-in conditioning/styling treatment (for thick hair), depending on your hair type and condition. We know because we’ve tried them all with great success!

What exactly does it do? The name really says it all. When hair is healthy, it stretches when wet before returning to its original length when dry. Hair in poor condition, however, snaps and breaks when stretched because it lacks elasticity. Elasticizer delivers mega-moisture to the hair’s cuticle, adding suppleness, elasticity and bounce that are visible after just one use. Unlike many deep conditioning treatments, it won’t weigh down or coat even the finest hair.

 hairoes-hair-kit_hair-care-collection_natural-hair-kitA Natural Hair Kit Down to the Roots

Usually, we put our conditioner in our hair and leave it sitting there while we tend to other shower tasks. The nifty Du-Boa Ceramide 2+ Ion Scalp Massager lets you take a more active role in your hair care. It perfectly distributes conditioning treatments throughout your hair so every strand feels the love. It’s a must-have for dry, damaged and/or processed hair. This massager stimulates the scalp, increasing circulation and contains cleansing negative ions to help remove scalp build-up from treatments and styling products. This is one deep cleaning chore we actually look forward to!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Vine Minus Ion Care Water, though we know we mention it a lot! This truly amazing hair and skin priming spray is a super-booster for all other products you use, and is always our first step of hair styling. It also adds moisture and volume and feels super-refreshing. We take a travel-friendly bottle of it with us wherever we go.

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Negative Ion Water: Benefits for Beauty

Where do I begin? Vine Care Water is negative ion water that was first developed in Japan for NASA to clean the lenses and mirrors on space bound vehicles and satellites. Bacteria cannot live in a pH 12.5 environment, so it was made as a germ-killing cleanser.

Negative ion water is 170 times more absorbent than water, so on its own it provides moisture. Used in conjunction with hair and skin care products, negative ion water works as a driver – so it boosts the effectiveness of products used subsequently.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Hair Care

The negative charge of the water is attracted to – and bonds to – hair.  It helps strengthen fine hair, making it feel thicker. It boosts the strength of conditioners, treatments or styling aids to amplify the benefits of these products. It can also be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner at a rate of 10%, or can be sprayed onto hair, roots to ends, before leave-in conditioners or styling aids are applied. This is a fabulous tool for thick, curly hair as well; read more here about how to use it.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Skin Care

Care Water works great as a skin toner or clarifier that also adds moisture (most products that clarify tend to dry the skin). Many of my clients have had success clearing up some forms of acne with Care Water as well. Layered with other products, it boosts the benefits of those products. Here’s an easy experiment to give you an idea of what Care Water does:

  • Put a few drops of oil into water. You will see it separates.
  • Then spray the oil and water with Care Water.
  • You will see it actually reduces the size of the oil drops so that the water and oil mix together.
  • This is the same way Care Water breaks up and clears away oils on the skin.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Scrapes & Cuts

Sprayed on scrapes or cuts, Care Water cleans the wounds (by killing bacteria) and moisturizes, therefore promoting healing. It’s currently being used in research at burn hospitals in Japan with very positive results.

Negative Ion Water Benefits for Teeth

Care Water also works for brushing your teeth – both cleansing and whitening. Read all about our smile-cleaning secrets here. Don’t swallow it, though! It is not for internal use. The pH is too extreme for that.

Care Water is the ideal multi-tasking travel companion. You can find this cure-all wonder water in travel size here at Travel Beauty.

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