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Interview with Lavido Founder, Ido Magal

Creating skin care and hair care products is no mean feat! We love spending time with our brand founders to find out what inspired them to create their amazing products. We sat down with Lavido Founder, Ido Magal, to discuss the genesis of Lavido.

TB: What Spurred Your Passion For and Commitment to Natural Skin Care?

IM: My passion for natural skin care began very early and is tied to scents. My first memorable experience with scent was with jasmine and neroli blossom at my uncle’s citrus farm. These plants can be found all over the Galilee.

TB: How Did Lavido Come to Be?

IM: Again, I have to say scents. One of my first experiences with scents was with my father’s aftershave lotion. It was a strong smelling lotion, and at a very early age I made the connection between fragrant products and my favorite natural scents. Much later when I started studying aromatherapy, herbal and Chinese medicine in college, all my formative and academic experiences coalesced and eventually became Lavido’s first product, a diaper cream that I concocted for my nephew.

TB: Is There a Superstar Ingredient That You Include in Many Formulations?

Lavido-skin-careIM: My favorite ingredient is pomegranate – the seeds, skin, juice, everything. I began working with pomegranate 10 years ago when it was a fresh, new ingredient for skin care here in Israel. In fact, the oil was being studied for its anti-cancer properties at the prestigious Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Long story short, I received some samples of the oil, enlisted my family as my first test group, read everything I could find, and Lavido’s Pomegranate series was the result.

TB: This Is an Exciting Time for Natural and Organic Skin Care. What Differentiates Lavido From Other Natural/Organic Skin Care Lines That Are on The Scene?

IM: When it comes to the natural market, a major value that differentiates Lavido is that we are bringing the best of the conventional cosmetic market to the natural, organic market. We combine high concentrations of the best raw, organic plant-based ingredients with much needed safety and efficacy standards from the conventional market, including clinical and dermatology testing. Another property unique to Lavido is our use of volcanic thermal springs and purified waters from the Sea of Galilee. Besides providing the livelihood of inhabitants around it for millennia, the Sea of Galilee’s mineral rich thermal springs have been used for just as long to support healing and health.

TB: What Anti-aging or Other Sage Skin Care Advice Can You Offer?

IM: My anti-aging advice is simple, but can feel difficult to adhere to in our modern world.

Some basic rules:

  • Get the right amount of sleep and water
  • Use as many natural ingredients as possible for anything that goes in and on your body
  • Invite aromatherapy into your life – it’s truly effective when it comes to de-stressing mind and calming body
  • Finally, I am a big proponent of all things pomegranate for both internal and external use

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