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Oscar Night with M.B. York

My Oscar Night Adventure

One of my favorite Oscar experiences is when, a few years back, I decided to splurge on a room at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Oscar night. The limos were lined up in the valet area and around the block starting at around noon. The nominees and their beauty entourages were coming in and out of the hotel and pictures were being snapped by their very own “Mamarazzi”. Yes, huge celebs often have their mothers follow them around taking pictures.

The private party in the Four Seasons Lounge was pretty relaxed. There were huge projector screens playing the award show. It was on a delay, and as celebs like Morgan Freeman were being nominated on the screen, they were walking into the bar and celebrating! It was surreal to say the least, and so much fun to watch the celebs celebrating their wins in the relaxed bar atmosphere.

A Surprise Guest

My assistant and I ended up sharing a table with a designer and his two assistants. I sat next to him and he was so excited as women he dressed came out on the stage, including Hillary Swank. This designer had also spent a lot of time in Scottsdale, and we talked about his favorite places to stay there. I was very excited for him and assumed he was an up and coming new designer, since he seemed so genuinely excited to see the nominees wearing his designs. We all had a blast…including checking out Johnny Depp who was hanging out on the outside patio.

The Mystery Man…Revealed!

When I went to bed around midnight, I gazed out of my hotel room window and watched as limo after limo drove past. The next morning, we turned on E! News to get the post-show scoop and I said to my assistant, “We need to see who that designer was we were sitting next to”. Turns out it was Calvin Klein! Talk about wanting to kick myself. He even introduced himself as Calvin but it never clicked! He looked nothing like he did in the pictures I had seen, including the cover of his autobiography which I was reading and was on my bedside table! He was also so unassuming and sweet, you would have never thought you were sitting next to a fashion icon.

The Excitement of Awards Season

Having done lots of celebrity gifting suites leading up to the Oscars, I can say that it is such a privilege to personally show the nominees my products and how they work. With very few exceptions, they are so gracious about taking photos with my Beauty Ammo Kit or Rock Your Tube dress. They give me their full attention, and you can tell they are blissfully soaking up every minute of the dream come true of being nominated for an Oscar.

My Turn on the Red Carpet

Today, I am putting the final polish on my screenplay, “Survival of the Prettiest”, in which my Beauty Ammo Kit saves the world with my vegetarian message. I look forward to the year my limo rolls up to the red carpet and my screenplay is nominated.  Like my night at the Four Seasons hanging out with Calvin, all I can say is, “Life is but a dream”.

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Why Going Vegetarian Is Good For Your Body & The Planet

Having worked with thousands of women one-on-one as their makeup artist and esthetician, I get asked the same questions over and over. Upon finding out I am a vegetarian, they usually ask, “How do you get your protein?”, followed by “What do you eat?”, “Do you eat fish?”, and often, “What made you go vegetarian?” I have many reasons for going vegetarian, but the main one is I am an animal advocate. I truly believe that being vegetarian is a way to achieve beauty from the inside out.

Why I Became a Vegetarian

When my dog died 19 years ago, I was so distraught. At that time, I came across a book that opened my eyes to the suffering animals endure at the hands and mouths of humans. I decided then that I would give up meat as a tribute to my dog. I have not eaten meat since. Then about 8 years ago I read the book Skinny Bitch, which argues that dairy has to go as well (I am not a complete zealot and will occasionally eat a little cheese).

It’s Healthy

Over the years I have continued to educate myself on how eating animal products has killed more people than all the world wars combined. Not only heart disease, but also many forms of cancer are directly correlated to meat consumption. As meat consumption has risen over the years so have our death rates, and as other countries have followed our lead and started consuming more and more animal products, their death rates have risen as well.

It’s Environmentally Sustainable

Several years back at an Animal Rights convention, I came across a DVD called EATING. This documentary outlines how eating meat is the #1 cause of death as well as the demise of our planet through the greenhouse gases the industry creates. Greenhouse gases destroy the environment and our rainforests at an alarming degree. Both Bill Clinton and Steve Wynn went vegan after watching EATING, and both have been vocal with their support of this movement. When Al Gore wrote An Inconvenient Truth, he missed this larger issue, but since has also become vegan.

Vegetarianism & Beauty

How does all this relate to our outer beauty? Of course when we are healthier it shows in our skin as well as how we fit in our skinny jeans. Vegetarians on average weigh 25 pounds less than meat eaters. I hope that my makeup clients will be open to my bigger message after I educate them. The repeated questions they ask me about everything else I do makes me think they are looking for answers. My hope is that I can teach them that how and what we eat is literally killing our beautiful planet and us.

I truly love nothing more than having die-hard meat eaters come to my house and tell me how much they love a vegetarian meal I’ve made. From the gym to happy hour to Facebook, I continually have people confess that they are very curious about the idea of giving up meat, and most people have a story of a niece, daughter or friend that did it and inspired them. I had one friend lose 60 pounds after I told them to just try a vegan “diet”. After she lost the weight, she never did go back to eating meat! Of course, after seeing the numbers on the scale go down and the general feelings of health and wellbeing go up, most people who try a vegan diet will make it their everyday lifestyle.


The above views are those of M.B. York and do not necessarily represent those of Travel Beauty.

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