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Fred Pirkey on Designing Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté

The way our skin looks after a facial at Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté is reason enough to visit the spa over and over and again. It is icing the on the cake, then, that entering the space makes us feel as if we’ve been transported to a stunning Moroccan riad. The gorgeous hanging lanterns…the lush textiles of the seating nook…not to mention the stone wall fountain.

We are so in love with the look and feel of the spa that we decided to pick the brain of the man who designed it, Fred Pirkey. Fred shared some of his design wisdom with us, and told us how Yasmine Djerradine Institut de Beauté came to life.

Fred Pirkey of Salon Ishi Discusses Design, Color & Beauty

When designing environments I always ask people their birth date. It gives me their sun sign, and I can also quickly add their numbers of the month and day, with the current year, to see where they are in life cycles. It gives a quick, though very general, idea of who they are and where they are in life. This allows me a small insight into how to make them happy.

fred-pirkey-design-Yasmine-Djerradine-institut-de-beauteThe Right Color Palate

People’s sun signs give a range of color that typically suit them. It’s as if the time of the year and the colors of the season outside is the range that they are attracted to, if not their favorite colors. This isn’t true in all cases, though. Sun signs are only a part of a person’s makeup, and other influences could make someone’s color preferences very uncharacteristic for his or her sun sign. Environment and ethnic background are important factors as well. Depending on skin tone, hair color and eye color, you can pick hues that you not only like but that also flatter you. This opens up all kinds of choices. Then there are balances, opposites or complimentary colors you can to the mix.

When considering color for your home or business you want to think about what makes you look good. Which colors do you put on to make you feel your best? These are the colors you should have in your surroundings. It’s no different than the clothes you choose. Your home and business are backgrounds – the colors you find yourself surrounded by enhance your appearance. Your surroundings are your stage. They should glow in the right color range to bring out the color in your eyes and make your skin reflect complementary tones in the reflected light.

Decor is a Reflection of You

Yasmine’s spa was designed to reflect who she is: A play of Arabic designs and high tech services. Very chic, with a richness of pattern/textures. Arabic design and the juxtaposition of designs has always inspired me. And Yasmine is inspiring and a beautiful person.

Yasmine’s father was from Algeria and her mother from France, so she has this mix about her. With her coloring and being a libra, she can find her balance with almost any combination. She’s brunette that naturally highlights gold, with warm colored skin and aqua eyes…she is a mix of texture.

I gathered all the Moroccan details I could find, and fortunately had a Moroccan friend who was importing decorative items. He secured the fountain and bathroom tiles. The sound of water is so soothing and is typical in the welcoming area of an Arabic home. Also, the scale and roughness of the fountain’s stone and carving gave a focal point. The bathroom was small, so I wanted it to be a special experience. I had intensely studied books on tile shaped and patterns and had my favorites. We were also able to have tiles carved with her logo as part of the design. When you play with many patterns, as we did, it takes time to notice all of the subtleties.

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