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10% off Institut Esthederm with Code ESTHEDERM10 | FREE Shipping on Orders of $100 | Free Samples with Every Order

Top Tips For End Of The Summer Hair

tips for healthy hair

Going to the hairdressers this week I was reprimanded by my stylist for my unsightly ends. I explained that I don’t cut my hair during the summer. What’s the point when you’re traveling and constantly in and out of the sun, pool and brutal air conditioning? Well, now, and perhaps many of you can relate, I am left with a bit of a tresstastrophe as we transition into the fall months. Below are my top tips to getting your locks back to looking lovely – and rest assured, I’ll be following them too!

Make The Cut

Wispy ends actually make hair appear thinner and shorter, and weigh down the rest of your style. What’s more, split ends can continue to break all the way up the hair shaft, causing a great deal of damage. There are a few ways to fix this. You can either have your stylist take a good inch off, or have your hair twisted in small sections, and where the ends stick out, ask your hairdresser to snip them off. The latter is a bit tedious, but it does preserve the length as much as possible.


Chances are your hair is in need of a good moisture surge post-summer. Apply a pre-shampoo conditioner to your hair twice a week and leave it on for an hour, or sleep with it in. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer restores elasticity to damaged hair, and also improves manageability, strength and shine. You may also want to use a daily protective conditioning spray (Daily Damage Defence) and a light-weight post-shampoo cream, such as Preen Cream, to keep hair protected throughout the day.

Colour Me Pretty

If you’re a bleach fanatic, take the opportunity to temporarily colour your hair a warm and vibrant shade for fall. It will give your locks a bit of a break and your strands a chance to repair. In England these are called ‘veg’ dyes and they wash out within about a week or so. You can take subsequent applications home with you, and they are very easy to apply. My preference is a rich chestnut, but you can have your colourist recommend the best hue for your skin tone. Many salons offer consultations on colour matching, so take advantage if they have them!

Eat Right

People’s eating habits are usually pretty healthy in the summer, with fresh fish, seafood, salads and bbq’s readily available. However, come autumn, don’t let your nutritional intake slip into a flurry of processed foods, crash diets or juice fasts. Research the produce in season and try to incorporate fresh foods as much as possible – hair essential vitamins and minerals and easily destroyed with refining processes, shipping and prolonged storage.

Blow Dry Correctly

With the weather turning colder, letting your hair dry naturally isn’t such an attractive option. Blow-drying your hair is fine as long as you hold the dryer at least 12 inches away and use a heat protective spray or serum, such as Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence or Straight Hair. Simply apply to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and turn off the dryer once your hair is dry – don’t keep going over the same areas.

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