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Free shipping with code FREESHIP | Free Travel Beauty Bag with Purchase of $200 | Free Samples with Every Order

Wooden Comb for Healthier, Anti-Static, Anti-Bacterial Hair

wooden comb healthier anti static

Before we got into the latest technology equipment or even sophisticated brushes like the S-HEART-S Scalp Brush and Du-Boa Ceramide 2 + Ion Scalp Massager, the best advice I could give in the way of hair and scalp care was to use a wooden comb.

Benfits of a Wooden Comb

  • You can take it into the shower to spread conditioner evenly throughout your hair.
  • Works great for just simply combing your hair.
  • The fibers in the wood help to spread the natural oils down the shaft for healthier hair.
  • It’s anti-static, anti-bacterial and less stressful for the hair than any other comb.
  • It helps increase circulation to your scalp.
  • The wide tooth comb doesn’t pull on the hair when you comb through it.
  • Used after showering when you have wet hair, it is the gentlest way to get through the tangles.

In Japan good wooden combs are the staple and are very expensive. In fact, many of the plastic combs on the market in Japan are actually made to look like wood.

Good News for Long Hair and Curly Locks

A wood comb is often the best choice for curly or long hair that may get caught in other combs because the teeth aren’t usually as thick. Wooden combs also don’t tend to pull and snag the hair. As a result locks appear shiny and lustrous.

How to Comb Your Hair

If you comb your hair and scalp front to back, back to front, and then to the right and left several times, you will feel refreshed. This also aids in blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal of hair impurities. If you have a sensitive scalp a wooden comb can prevent bruising or scraping of the scalp. Wooden combs also prevent hair from drying out because it helps to distribute oil from your scalp to hair. The sebum that’s produced on the scalp is distributed throughout the length, which prevents your scalp from getting greasy.

How to Care for Your Comb

Clean your wooden comb regularly and it will last for a lifetime. Never use water to clean wooden combs. Use natural oils like jojoba.

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